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Monday, December 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal on 2018-12-10 21:10:00 - Bright orb like ufo which changed its brightness the closer or further away it got from the other orbs .

Hi, well to start i am someone who believes that ufo's do appear and that they are in fact not of human making, or at least not all of them . i grew up right next to an airfield in a coastal town. iv seen many different types of planes and drones and so on ... but throughout the time i spent living near the airfield iv seen many flying objects moving at speeds and formations no aerial plane or drone could pull off. even our local newspaper posted a picture of a close up of a disc like flying object that was spotted and recorded flying over a neighborhood nearby but this happened about 20 years ago. but back to the matter im writing this report for . this is the first time i have ever reported a sighting on this site , in the past i posted what i saw on twitter , a guy called antonio paris or something like that , excuse the incorrect spelling , was one of the first people i reported my sightings to in the past , he is a ufo believer as well as someone who studies the phenomena very closely , tonight i spotted what i first thought to be a possible passing plane while moving past the lounge window , i tried to take a picture using my cat phone but they were to far away to even see clearly using this phone, but upon monitoring this "plane" i noticed it moved at a constant speed and constant altitude it never increased or decreased its altitude , after 5 seconds 1 orb like light became 4 orb like lights but the brightness of their lights changed as they changed formation, when they appeared to be behind each other their light was very dim, but when they moved apart their lights became brighter and made them easier to notice . i felt excited or rather amazed i think the right word would be , as these kinds of things excite me as i am a believer in the ufo phenomena, out of the ufo sightings iv had in the past this is the first time iv had or rather experienced one like this . they were flying over the nearby mountains and were very far away , thus i could not make out their shapes exactly. wish i were lucky enough to spot them closer . where i stay now i again live near an airport , but these "orbs" flew via the mountain range , maybe they wanted to get below the radar , i dont know .I dont expect to get much of a reply on this but i was convinced to report the matter anyhow. i lost sight of these "orbs" as they moved past the mountains and out of view from my window . but best i can tell is that they were moving toward the east which is the same direction needed to travel to reach the sea . dont know if that is of any importance or if this report will really change anything . but like i said i was convinced to report this nonetheless .

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Credit: MUFON

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