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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Salisbury, Maryland on 2018-12-11 18:35:00 - Group of sparkling lights at 6:40 pm

At about 6:40 pm on december 11th, 2018 i took my puppy out for a bathroom break in my backyard. my house is located in salisbury, md. salisbury is located on the delmarva peninsula. i walked around for about a minute to let the dog do his business. out of the corner of my eye i noticed shimmering, sparkling, lights between braches of the tree i was standing next to. due to the unique nature of the lights (sparkling) i moved around the tree to get an unobstructed view. to the nw there was a group of randomly spaced lights (approximately 10), that were traveling initially towards the west. the interesting thing about these lights is that not all 10 lights would flash at the same time, but then again, at times, they all seemed to flash simultaneously(again...Definitely more like a sparkle rather than a flash...Almost like fireworks in the sky). this group of lights continued to travel over the back tree line heading more in a sw direction. i almost could not believe what i was seeing, most especially how they looked like little sparkles of light...Almost like they weren't quite a constant light in the sky...Like light was being emitted from a central point and then outwards. frankly, i find it difficult to describe. as i watched the lights, i noticed that my next door neighbor's lights were on. i ran over to his back door and knocked almost tripping over the puppy. he answered the door in about 15 seconds. i asked him to step out and look in the sky to the sw. he confirmed what i was seeing. the major difference in the lights is that the actual number went down from about 10 to 2 or 3. we both watched the lights continue to travel sw for about a minute or two. the lights then suddenly changed direction and headed back in the same direction that they had originally traveled. i told my neighbor that i saw many more lights than we were seeing just a few minutes ago. about 30 seconds later, we both saw all 10 lights (again in a random pattern) flash. just about that time, a plane came into our field of view. it was very obvious it was a plane. it was an off-white constant light in the sky. i thought i remembered him saying that he heard the plane but i could be mistaken. before that, these objects in the sky made absolutely no sound. shortly (30 seconds or so) after sighting the plane, the lights vanished. my neighbor made a comment about the military potentially being there to investigate these objects. i/we continued to watch the sky for a few more minutes but did not see them anymore. my neighbor made another comment that now he would be looking out the window all night just to see if he could spot them again. we both went into our respective houses. i came back out several times to look for the lights and ironically saw a shooting star on my first trip back outside. i've seen hundreds of shooting stars and the lights i witnessed were nothing like that. again...I cannot stress the unique feature of these lights. for lack of a better term, they didn't glow, flash, pulse, or anything like that...They sparkled. to add clarity, this sighting was not a distinct object nor could it be construed as such. the lights were spaced such that it seems like they were emanating from individual objects. of course, i cannot confirm that last statement as fact. it is a supposition based upon the spacing of the lights in the sky. all i can say is that i have never seen anything like that before. i consider myself lucky to have been at the right place and at the right time.

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Credit: MUFON

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