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Thursday, December 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Grand Haven, Michigan on 2014-02-27 00:15:00 - Saw 1 orange-red glowing orb, then 2 more hovering in distance.Watched them as they slowly came closer

In january of 2014 i saw some light anomalies in the sky. i don’t know what the lights were and didn’t think much more about it as it was for a very brief time. then on the night of february 26, 2014, i had an experience that changed how i view things. i got up from bed to get a drink around midnight and i always look out the window to see if the northern lights are visible. they aren’t all that common here, but i saw them once and always look for them. it seems like they had been visible a few times recently and i missed them. anyway, i didn’t see the northern lights but i did notice an orange “orb” hovering to the southeast. we recently had a conversation at dinner about google having remote devices for mapping/weather so i thought perhaps that was what it was. i had no idea and was trying to make sense of it. it was a strange light and i wasn’t too concerned or bothered by it until the light started to come my way. i lost sight of it for a few minutes and it reappeared, as did 2 more orbs. i felt there was no explanation for these lights and got out an ipod to see if i was seeing things. then i got out the ipad and put batteries in a camera we had. the lights showed up on the all the devices. i was a bit anxious as i had no idea what i was seeing. i watched as the lights hovered and went forward, hovered and moved forward. there was one primarily moving the other 2 were not moving as much or maybe i was too focused on the one orb to notice. it sometimes seemed to falter, almost like a bad driver pressing the wrong pedal. the orb appeared like a ball of light that would spin to varying colors but still predominantly dark orange-red . [i got a galaxy s7 a few years ago and it has a tiny light on it that reminds me of how the orb shifted colors, if that makes sense]. i was becoming more and more afraid and anxious as it hovered over the road and came towards my house. i have no idea why i just didn’t leave the room. i was mesmerized i guess and i was so scared when it came towards our houseas the orb saw came closer, it appeared to be ejecting objects. i couldn’t see or tell what the objects were, but there was like a light shift, where i could see something dropping. i was so frightened that i ducked down and ‘hid’. i know that sounds ridiculous. that is all i remember until i was in my bed around 4 or 5 a.M. i recall being in bed and shaking and being absolutely petrified. i remember feeling ‘they’ were going to come back and there was absolutely nothing i could do to prevent them from entering our home. i didn’t remember the event or taking pictures or being terrified until a few days later. in 2014, i saw the orbs numerous times and saw a craft with windows, entirely different from the orbs i saw that night. i began to think that at the end of every month had something to do with the lights appearing. but there was not a pattern that i could discern. i began to sense that the orbs were coming. i still feel something to this day but i haven’t seen them since 2015. i was scared to go out at night for a little while but i stopped being afraid and starting looking for the lights. for awhile i felt i needed to prove to my family i wasn’t crazy. one time, while taking the trash out, we actually did see numerous (10) lights rapidly rise up from the woods and we don’t know what they were and one time we saw, what i think were, chinese lanterns. i don’t share my experience with anyone, except my family. their response is disbelief and to this day they still tease me about “orbs”. i know what i saw and it was not from here. they say my pictures are not clear enough to identify what is going on. naively, i always felt if there were ufo’s, surely our government would know about it. my perspective on many things changed that night. there is one in particular that bothers me. i was deleting photos last summer, as i started to accumulate hundreds of them, and would lighten the photo before deleting, in case there was something there. i was deleting this photo but kept feeling like something was there. i instantly felt a pit in my stomach when i lightened the photo, as i recognized the figure in the photo. i have attached a copy of the photo and i have the original. i don’t really want to share my story as people think you are crazy if you talk about these sort of experiences. i would really just prefer your thoughts on the photo. i have more images and videos but i am not sure i want to share with the public. we have moved from that town and we do not usually answer our home phone. thank you

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Credit: MUFON

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