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Friday, December 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Duluth, Minnesota on 2018-11-07 22:40:00 - It appeared to be a star at first but came toward me hovered and shut off all lights except3 or 4

63 yr old male. on wednesday nov7 10:40pm. while visiting i was locking front door to parents house. house is located aprox. 4 blocks from lake superior.I observed a bright, what appeared to be star like object southeast direction over the lake. it appeared larger and brighter than other stars. as i watched it, it seemed to be getting bigger and coming toward me.The brightness of in was receding as it got closer and closer till it stopped over the lake and hovered in place maybe mile or so and a 100-200- feet over the water. the town is on a bowl shape to the water so it was almost straight out from me. there were a couple small tree branches of tree across street, but did not obstruct my view. the object was in between round and disc- shaped. it was covered with what appeared to be hollow, round, clear columns and had a central round spinning center, it looked like had white and darker colored smoke spinning inside central core. the dark cloud/smoke like areas were the only thing that was not bright white. i was frozen watching it for (what was, later by checking clock) about 7 minutes. it did not move, i did. cell phone was upstairs, ran up to get it and ran out front door. it was gone but appeared to be above me about 11 'oclock position but was almost the same size as other stars by now. it self illuminated itself to appear to be a star. i called my friend and headed toward his house. who turned me on to his photos and stories before this happened. he has been in that house(100 ft. from lake) for many years and has some evidence of anomalies over the lake. i told him about my incident and he said he might have a photo of my object. the reason i did not submit right away was because i was taking care of my dying father, almost invalid mother and three dogs i kept in my suburban to not disturb my father, hands were full.I know i'm past my time to submit and i was going to drop it but when sister relieved me, for a week and he passed. upon returning for funeral, i observed it 3 more times. never that close again but i knew now what to look for. one overcast morning it was the only visible thing in the sky and it appeared in the same general direction. i asked my friend why he doesn't report and he doesn't want people thinking he was nuts or something.After the reaction from my family especially my son i can see why. my friend produced a photo which had a central reflective core and light emanating in longer rays from it and looked like it from a distance. he got the photo from a friend who claimed she was abducted by it and said grass was not growing where she was placed. i asked him if he believed her and he said "i don't know". if you want to toss my report that's fine but i feel better that i got it out. i am a bad typist and it took me forever to type this. i am going back armed with a zoom camera next month, later.

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Credit: MUFON

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