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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Orland Park, Illinois on 2016-10-17 18:38:00 - Turned into block, noticed lights immediately. got ou phone. object pulsating lights blinks like an orb at first then took more of a defined shape elongated. seemed like a cloudy circle around perimeter. 2 faint light trails to right and left of object

Turned into the block going to visit my cousin. as i turned into the cold a sac i immediately felt an urge to look at the sky, i immediately saw some type of blinking craft in the air. i parked and got out of the car right away. the object was hovering in the northwest sky. at first the object looked small, oval or small disk shaped while having a glow of light around it like a ball, while lights were blinking. the lights were blinking at crazy rates, not uniformed, like a pulsating energy, i then noticed the object to be shapeshifting it kept getting wider thicker longer, very strange....The pulsating globe light stopped and the blinking lights morphed into what looked like 4 rods of light. the rods were in a certain pattern, one white rod to the left, two white rods in the middle, and the farthest right rod was red. there were no clouds in the sky but around the object there seemed to be some type of a mist or light cloud, a huge perimeter around the object formed what seemed to be a circle being able to see it by that mist. the bottom left and top right of the circles perimeter i see 2 faint streaks of light, both slanted and both long shaped, similar to the rods. the lit object with 4 rods was right in the middle of these to faint lights at the edge of the circle. the center object hovered, began going left for a few feet, then turned back right, as it then slowly ascended west away from me until it was not visible in the high horizon.

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Credit: MUFON

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