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Monday, December 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Virginia Beach, Virginia on 1975-11-01 00:59:00 - Started at age 5 went from 1975-1978

1853 michelle court it started when i moved down here from washington after my dad retired from the navy. i was scared to sleep in my bedroom and i went to sleep with my father in my mothers and dad bedroom. he would hug me and told me that the noise i first heard was cracking because of the heat and cold. i was scared i heard footsteps on the roof or attic and it sounded like footsteps of grey aliens. after that, i saw and heard other kids and people playing with me from my parents dressere. i saw tunnels and like a playground of little kids playing with me i was shown images of other planets and what looked like that moon. when or before star wars came out this was happening. this happened every night, and i stayed up all night until five in the morning and would sleep for 2 hours to forty five minutes and go to school all confused and not fitting in. i was never that tired at school, just disoriented. i tried to fit in in school, but my whole entire time it was very hard. i was picked on in school, because of my size and the teachers gave me a hard time in 1976, i got stomach aches all the time and went to school like that . i went to all kinds of doctors and in 1976 i got the flu and sick real bad. i heard and saw things all night long of game show, space shows star trek, star war sounds,and going through a planet inside that was made of metal or advanced. picutres of the moon with luminescence on craters on the dark side or light side. i remember them saying the word "cheese-cheese". i need help now, i can remember a lot of this stuff now, in 1977 1978 i saw the greys take me out in a cot when my grandfather came down from maryland. my grandfather knew exactly what was going on because he prayed with me before we were abducted. he worked for the federal government in washington dc. i'm very scared now, because i'm getting contacted on a regular basis. i've never been scared of clocks before. i'm scared as shit of clocks now. i don't want any in my mom's house. it is hard for me to routinely adapt to regular life when i leave my house. sincerely, mr. donald g. willard 1853 michelle court virginia beach, virginia 23464

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Credit: MUFON

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