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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Kriegsfeld, Rhineland-Palatinate on 1986-10-15 00:00:00 - Unknown aircraft sited over kriegsfeld army depot (northpoint)west germany

It was during the fall 1987. i was stationed at (northpoint) kreigsfeld army depot west germany as a military policemen assigned to the 558th military police company. i had gone up into the primary tower to relieve other officer. once there i notice a strange light in the sky about a mile or two away from the site. (when you work this type of duty you become aware of anything unusual)i asked the officer i was relieving about the light. he acknowledged he had noticed it a few minutes earlier but assumed it to be a helicopter possibly because it appeared stationary. when we observed the light again we noticed it had moved instantaneously to a lower postion in the sky and directly in line with our tower line. this really got out attention. how did the light cover that distance that fast. everything stopped at this point with full attention on the light that now appeared to be moving at a real slow pace directly towards us. its path would bring it directly over tower 6. we called the tower 6 guard to see if he noticed and could identify the light. he confirmed he could see it and that it was moving towards him. the object with the light continued to advance at a slow deliberate pace directly over tower 6 who we were in constant contact with hoping he would be able to identify the craft. he could not. there was a lot of "dude what the heck is that" and "what is it". the object was approximately 250-300 ft. above us. it passed tower 6 and was now passing over our heads in the primary tower. to get a better look up at this craft we opened the window and looked up as it passed over-head. things that were noted: when the craft lined up with tower 6 it reduced its light. as it passed over the primary tower it only had very faint light that gave us an idea of its size. it was huge and appeared triangular in shape. the biggest and most obvious issue was that it almost made no sound/noise. i could barely make out a very slight hum/ buzzing sound. it could have been 200ft across. as it passed over the primary tower we ran to the other side and opened the windows to try to make out what it was. it was to dark and with the perimeter lights it was to difficult to really see only that it was a huge triangle. it continued at its slow pace down the tower line over tower 1 and then tower 2. all of the towers had been alerted by this time. the object/craft continue out away from the site in a straight line and at about a mile or so it disappeared. i do not know if it accelerated away or turned of the soft glowing lights that we could see. it must be noted that this site saw a lot of aircraft activity during the daylight hours and very little at night. at the time i was very familiar with all types of aircraft and balloons and this was neither. the officer i was relieving remained in the tower the entire time that this event took place. it was that odd. after the craft left we both looked at each other puzzled over what we had just witnessed. after a brief conversation we agreed not to discuss this matter with others and to basically forget it. matters like this could interfere with your job and position. you had to be there. this is the only encounter with anything like that i have ever experienced.

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Credit: MUFON

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