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Saturday, December 15, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Millville, New Jersey on 2018-12-12 18:20:00 - Saw 3 different craft. one had four white lights and went directly over my car and the trees. about 60ft. long rectangular in shape. then approx 5 miles down the road saw two huge craft with red weird colored lights. it looked to me that they were search

1. heading to a meeting with girlfriend. 2. it flew over the road slowly. directly over my car. 3. a ufo 4. it flew right above the trees rectangular in shape and 4 huge white lights. changed direction slightly. was moving very slow. about 60ft. in length. about 20ft wide. then about 5 miles down the road saw two different craft they both had two red lights on them. they were huge. at least 1/4 mile in length. and it looked like they were looking for the smaller craft. 5. i was looking and stopped the car telling my girlfriend what in the hell is that. she was acting funny very delayed and lathargic. almost unresponsive. i was hollering at her don't you see that. and she said yes. but was acting very weird. like it wasn't sinking into her head. very weird and the lights were a strange color white. i would say the 4 lights were 8-10 ft. in diameter. 6. lost sight of the small one over the trees as it moved further away. the two big craft saw them for a longer period of time. then they disappeared. they were flying higher in the air. and like i say they looked like they were searching. no sound from any of them. they were not planes or helicopters. and they were not drones of any kind. never saw anything like them before. i am a machinist and a automotive technician. for over 25 years. nothing i have ever saw before.

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Credit: MUFON

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