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Thursday, December 20, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Phoenix, Arizona on 2017-11-03 00:00:00 - 2 large flying vehicles 3 lights on each in a triangle shape.

My fianceƩ was leaving the gym in east phoenix. she was driving to back to her home at the time in downtown phoenix when she saw 3 bright lights in the shape of a triangle flying over head, there was an identical aircraft right behind the initial craft. she pulled over and recorded for a minute, when they seemed to stop and hover she got back into her car and drove away. she has been bothered by this sitghting over the last year and few months. she said even a few days later she felt very odd. looking over her shoulders because she had the feeling of being watched. even talking about it now and watching the video gives her chills and a weary feeling. i, myself, have been around aviation my entire life (family of pilots,and engineers including myself) i have been working the aviation industry for the last 12 years and have traveled the world with my job. i have my multiple faa certs and hold a security clearance. i have never seen anything like this in my life aside from other videos that are on the mufon site. i told her when she first showed me the video that she needed to get the video to mufon to let the professionals investigate what happened. she finally gave me the ok to send the video today. you can hear how scared she was in the cell phone video. please contact me if you have any further questions. i will be happy to ask her and get any information for mufon that i can.

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Credit: MUFON

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