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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Spray, Louisiana on 1977-08-15 00:00:00 - "mothership" descending, appearing on fire, then exploding in arc of light. then 4 "stars" moving above downed "ship" and zagging this way and that, changing colors before zipping up and out of sight.

I believe it was 1978 ('77 or '78). my sister was staying with me down in florien, louisiana area. we'd both gone to our separate bedrooms about 10:pm. i noticed from my bedroom window a bright light slowly descending through the southern sky. my sister called out, "do you see that"? "a light?", i asked. "yes", she said. we quickly got together then decided to go outside and see it. from the backyard we watched this bright light descend further and further toward the ground. we figured it was something from fort polk. we watched a while as the light, which to me seemed like a "ship" on fire, fell lower and lower until it fell below the tree lined horizon. suddenly a huge arc of light filled the sky! we gasped. it had to have been a craft exploding, we thought. the bright arc of light then "sucked down" into a tiny glow that was barely visible above the treed horizon. "what the heck was that?" we queried. then, as we watched, 3 "stars" appeared directly above the "fallen craft". they were high in the sky,and so small, or far away, they looked like dots. but, they moved toward each other. as we watched them move in a straight line toward each other, the 2 that came face to face suddenly changed colors, blue to red,and zipped upward and downward so to not crash. the 3rd "star" moved in and "played" as well, always straight at the other dot/star and changing color as it avoided hitting the one it faced. anyway, all of this "star" manuvuering took place directly over the space that had been lit up in the arc which the fallen craft had produced, a perfect theatre for us to watch. sister and i tried desperately to figure out what the army had that could be producing such phenomenon. my sister then went and called fort polk, to ask them what they had going on in that area. the person who spoke to her said they had nothing going on. she rejoined me in the backyard to continue watching. soon the sound of helicopters filled the sky. we watched as several large "chinooks" (she thinks) crossed over the house we were in (out in the country)headed for the area where the "mothercraft" went down. the "stars" were still "playing" above the site until the 'copters got closer when they suddenly zipped upwards and outwards with amazing speed until they zipped out of sight. we, of course, were flabbergasted, unable to figure out what we had just witnessed. the whole event lasted at least 45 minutes. a very memorable experience we shared and both remember to this day.

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Credit: MUFON

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