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Thursday, December 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Westlake, Ohio on 2018-12-06 15:18:00 - Convoy black vehicles surround military flatbed carrying craft covered in tarp i90 eastbound cleveland

I was driving home from work at 3:10pm on december 6th 2018. i got on i90 eastbound at lear nagle entrance ramp and drove approx 1 mile until entering cuyahoga county. upon entering i began to notice an abundance of black vehicles with thin chrome trim and fully tinted windows.The vehicles included a porsche, a land rover, various sedans, jeep liberty, various chevy trucks and above all the new ford explorers. they were all relatively new and consistent in appearance. they traveled in a convoy protecting a flatbed truck with military seals on it. the flatbed was hauling a craft or something large and metal covered in heavy canvas like tarps. it was raining so driving next to the semi was dangerous and i sped up to pass it. i could identify a formation as the vehicles traded places and took point positions to protect the cargo. i could tell easily that i was noticed. a white ford explorer got behind me as if to hurry me away. i thought it may have been a diplomat or politician traveling motorcade but what about the flatbed and craft/object? the vehicles were government, military, or black op. impressive presence. they intermingled with traffic exiting the highway and i continued to spot vehicles as i drove down the road toward home. there were a few other cars that were traveling the highway portion of my experience and the rain distracted conveniently from the sight. i got home and figured someone had to have seen this and reported it or even posted anything at all. no reports and its 5:30pm now. not even a mention.It may not have been a ufo because i never saw it fly. there was a massive presence of the fabled men in black vehicles i've never seen the likes of in my whole life.It may be nothing but i wondered if we were being attacked or marshal law or terrorist attack. i know i saw something covert and the object in tow was large.

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Credit: MUFON

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