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Saturday, December 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Snowflake, Arizona on 2018-11-29 22:00:00 - Almost every night this cat humanoid comes to my sky window on the roof at my bedroom.

almost every night as i'm getting into bed this cat humanoid is at my sky light window. my home is in a rural area in ne az. if i look up at the sky window at about 9pm,10pm,11pm or any time after but before the break of dawn i can usually see the et. i have taken pics of this handsome cat man, whom i call handsome. most of the time he wears a sort of looking black cowboy hat or black cape w/a hoodie. when he's at the domed sky window i can see his hairy hands and arms. i also can see is sometimes wearing shirt sleeves that are rolled up to his forearm's at the cuffs. he seems to be intelligent like a human man. i've seen handsome many times outside and now that it's too cold for me to watch handsome from the porch he comes to the roof at the dome sky window. i've seen him riding his horse thru the air at a distance near the brush on the hill across the road from my house. when their body has a small light turned on near their face it lights up their faces somewhat. i have pics of the light that they wear near their nose. handsome is usually never alone near the window. he has brought small lion cubs to show me and i simply love them. he must be very thoughtful to bring cubs for me to adore. sometimes he places them on the dome window, sometimes he sets them near the side of the domed glass on the roof. the little cubs climb around on the the glass and they also may put their front paws up on it and stand on their back legs. i don't know where handsome brings these cubs from. handsome's horse is usually always with him when he's close to the dome window. besides seeing handsome, lion cubs, and handsome's horse, i have seen other entities up there and even what seems to appear as a ship or crafty. i simply love the attention i'm getting from all these et's but my mother, who i'm staying with is very frightened when i tell her about them and what they do. mother has seen the light's of the different ufo's that are here every night around her home and property. she's very, very, frightened of them and is afraid to go outside at night. i'm assuming the us government must know about this phenomenon out here around our property because they're here every single night moving all over out here and it's very easy for mother and me to see them when they have their light's on. they have never hurt me, but i'm naturally frightened of them. mother doesn't want them here. i don't know what to do about them, please help me to find a way to help mother to not be frightened of them. they are here, i welcome them and i think they they want to stay here. i have reported to mufon already about the activities of these sorts in the rural area around our home but since more and more new things keep happening i feel i should let everyone know about the situation. a mufon investigator has contacted me a few month's ago and recorded what i reported although i've never had anyone come to my home to let me point out what i'm seeing. i also have several video's of et's in our front yard doing things that i'm unable to figure out. like i have already stayed, i have many photo's of lights and et's.

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Credit: MUFON

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