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Thursday, December 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Quebec on 2018-11-23 04:15:00 - Green alien experimentiong on me and a crowd of aliens writing and studying me while he was assiting to put an object on my head to permit the data collection

At the moment i was sleeping and felt like i woke up and saw green little aliens (as witnessed by the media) however they looked friendly and were not there to harm me but study me and make me more intelligent . their research of study was about electromagnetic colors' cause & effect on human brain & emotion ;one of the aliens putted a type of satelite looking crown on the head meanwhile others aliens were collecting notes and with his digital fingers was pushing evey botton of each color spectrum on it and saw the color red (bright light like a radar) was best match as to fit a profile of a joyous state in my emotional brain. he took off with his crew in satelite and took off as soon as i woke up i felt smarter and the evidence is some work online i can do a more rapid research and i have more interest and understand in the sciences like in stem cells . i do not know if i have been abducted or invaded i felt i was in my room but my room looked eaxactly like a surgical room of the hospital unit and an alien movie . i research forums people worte about thei expériences of extra terrestial word amd now i klknwo why there are so many movies out there and y they are so popular i do not know about their entrance but when they left they just left in a speed that they did not seem to be walking but fly opuit and their satelite dish did not look material but from cyberspace like a highlightbeam opened and took them and left i have seen some green mediator outside my house in the sky like reported on the news and i have seen an alien in my dream before in human form as a college librarian and mentionned not to forget to stapler next to her to assemble the papers of my research

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Credit: MUFON

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