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Saturday, December 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 1947-03-14 00:00:00 - Stream of between 400 and 500, 5 and 6 abreast. n to south, estimateted altitude 3 to 7000 feet, speed 250 to 400 mph. diameter around 30 feet, bright flat white, no discernable sound. uncomfortable feeling as they passed overhead, vanished with them.

I was outside about noon on a day (i think march of 1947) when the leading edge of a front was lust onerhead. my father said, “look son! flying saucers. he went inside and i studied the stream. they were 5 and 6 interspersed with maybe 1 diameter separation. it was a cool day and the overcast was wispy and they were at about that altitude. i counted as fast as i c could and was just able to keep up with the flow. i got to 226 and along came one saucer that had a phugoid mode (plunding in pitch) instability in its altitude hold ( which leads me to think they were autonomous). i counted off the seconds if the mode (on thousand one, etc) and arrived at 5 and 6 seconds, which leads me to 5.5 second estimated period. looking north toward san antonio, the overcast soludified and the stream was just below the overcast. i guess my viewing angle to the tail of the stream was about 15 degrees. the stream that had passed was about as long as the remainder. i saw no exhaust or contrail. i heard no discernable sound, but i felt uneasy. the feeling passed as they passed. from the upstream view, i could see that they had thickness, perhaps 10%. as to size, they appeared to be about the size of a half to a silver dollar held at my arm’s length. i was not quite 8 then and stood about 4’4” then. the next day radio station kbop said the army claimed what we saw was a stream of leaflets. when i heard that, i knew that was a lie. no one talked about it and i did see anything in the san antonio light (no defunct newsletter). i am notcertain about the date. i do recall months later some big event with artist concept of an encounter by a couple of automobile travellers on a road west (near lubbock?) that had an enciunter. i am a retired aerospace engineer and i know what saw. it is like a stored video in my mind. i just am not certain as exactly when. the stream passed on. it ran perhaps a degree or two to the west of the cantrell ave. line (n to south) in jourdanton, texas.

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Credit: MUFON

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