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Saturday, December 15, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Reidsville, North Carolina on 2018-12-12 00:00:00 - Driving down highway at midnight and seen an aircraft hovering over the trees. it appeared to be triangle shaped with 3 bright whit

I was driving home from my work place in greensboro, nc back to virginia on us 29 north starting on 12-12-18 from 11:45pm-12:30am (12-13-18). this is a trip i have taken at least twice a week since 2008. it was a very clear sky that night. i appeared to see a "falling star" or "shooting star" and i was verbally making a wish in my car because that is always what you were told as a kid to do is wish on a star. approximately 5-10 minutes later i was in the rockingham county area ( a very rural area). i seen a blinking red light flashing in the distance above the tree line to the left of me, which was i think north west. the trees blocked it some as i was approaching north due to the aircraft being so low in the sky. as i got closer it appeared to be very low in the sky and less than a mile away from us 29. it appeared to be just hovering there and moving very little. i knew then it wasn't a conventional airplane and my second thought was it must be a helicopter. as i got more to the side of the aircraft ( still a little ways away) as i was passing i realized it wasn't making any noise like a helicopter would. i started staring at it and that's when i seen the three bright lights underneath the aircraft. one at each corner in a triangle pattern. it was very dark but the aircraft appeared to be a triangle due to the positioning of the lights. i was driving and trying not to wreck my car while watching something i had never seen before and saying to myself " what in the world is that?" i wished i could have gotten a video but it was so late and that highway is kinda isolated that time of night so i didn't stop my car. in retrospect i would have because my husband and friends laughed when i told them. i know the aircraft was hovering because i completely passed it and it was in my rear-view mirror to the southwest until it was completely out of my sight due to my driving away. i never seen it moving or if it was it was going very slow. up to this point in my life i have never seen anything like this. i started researching online and thought i should report. i don't research or watch programs about aliens so i had never heard of black triangle ufo's before. another thought i had was whether or not it may be military but i do not know why a military aircraft would be hovering in such a low populated rural area.

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Credit: MUFON

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