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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Erina, New South Wales on 2018-12-27 03:33:00 - It was truly and still is the most exciting day of my life as i have been fanatacle about this subject for years.. however the most amazing thing is the time i woke up and when filming u couldn't see the orbs with the naked eye only visible on phone..

Wow i can't believe i filmed real orbs out over the near by ocean as i've been very interested in this subject for many years instantly i knew exactly what they were.. what happened was i was smoking a cigarette on my parents balcony i looked at the time on my phone and it read 3:33am cause i always pay attention to angel numbers cause i see 11:11 everywhere.. i've been dreaming of a encounter one day so i'm always looking at the moon and stars.. i was smoking away when i saw what seemed like a star getting brighter like at the tips extensions where coming off it so i decided to grab my phone and film it however as i filmed threw my camera phone the star seemed normal but to the side all these orbs appeared out of nowhere flashing moving. the peculiar thing is when i was filming i could clearly see them on the screen but with the naked eye u couldn't see anything? it's the best day of my life cause i know what they r and i have clear proof as i filmed without zoom so when u play the video u can zoom in.. it's like the orb is flashing yellow then bits break off and then warp back together.. unfortunately the video is too big to send u guys.. it's 3min..But i know if u sore it u would b astonished.. i'll try and crop it somehow to send to u.. if only i filmed more.. but i didn't want to wake my parents or neighbours.. luke latham..

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Credit: MUFON

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