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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Madison, Wisconsin on 2018-09-16 22:10:00 - streaking starlike light phase shifts into rod and abruptly changes direction multiple times.

Biking up to street corner of baldwin and williamson, i witnessed a light streaking across the sky for about 2 seconds and then rapidly phase shift into an elongated shape and swoop around abruptly in multiple directions before it disappeared. there was also a girl across the street who exclaimed at the same moment i did when i saw it. it was a spectacular sight. the gal across the street told me that she didn't believe in ufo's previously and her kids had recounted strange events that she had kind of just written off, but yeah, that kinda changed her mind.

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Credit: MUFON

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