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Thursday, December 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Brentwood, New York on 1998-07-09 14:00:00 - Saw ufo while in my pool with my cousin hovering directly over my house.

During the age of, i would say 17,i was spending the day in our pool with my cousin during summer vacation. as we swam around something told me to look upward and when i did there right before my eyes was an object unlike anything i had ever soon before in person. i have always been an avid ufo believer but had only ever seen anything during that time on television shows like unsolved mysteries, so although it was my first time seeing one i knew right away what it was i was looking at... i just could not belive that it was actually there, right above my home, hovering making absolutely no sound at all. the object that for years was told to us was just our imagination or stupid swamp gas was sitting right before my eyes as if it knew i would look up and wanted me to see it. the object was a saucer roughly a half dollar in size if you held one up to the sky with arms stretched. the surface was clearly visible and the reflection of the sun was unmistakable as it glistened off the far side from my direction. it was a grey silverish color that reminded me of polished aluminum and was able to even make out the smooth surface. i was in complete shock, awe, disbelief, and excited all at once. i could not take my eyes off of it and neither could my cousin which i was so glad was there to witness it as it made the sighting 100% real and there is no denying it was there. the object hovered silently for a bit before it slowly began moving away from our location, it continued on its path at a very slow speed until we were able to see it no longer due to the trees and houses that blocked our view. once out of sight i looked at my cousin and freaked out yelling "did you see that!!!" "it was a ufo!!!" i was extatic and could not contain my excitement. i had finally seen with my very own eyes not lights, not a faint glow of an object, but a physical solid craft hovering right over my home. since that day i have not been able to view life the same or even reality itself. this was the most extraordinary event ever to occur in my life and am so thankful to have witnessed it with me very own eyes.

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Credit: MUFON

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