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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Glen Cove, New York on 2001-05-10 00:00:00 - Object hoovering above the trees, then without a sound,moved very slowly.

This is my second encounter. my first one i reported a few days ago is case #: 96876. again, the date is approximate, but i can forward you the exact date as this incident made it into the newspapers the next day. of course they said it was weather balloons. i recently moved therefore the article is in my photo album in storage which i will retrieve and forward to you. on this particular night i was at home with my mom. my aunt who lived nearby stopped over to chat over coffee. at about 7pm my aunt said that she had to leave to pickup her daughter at night class. i said to her that she should stay and chat and i will go pickup christine (my cousin). my aunt told me where the school was and said it i pass the harrison conference center then i have gone to far. off i went. i was driving down this long dark road and as is the case i came upon the harrison conference center. unable to really turn around anywhere i kept proceeding down this road. i turned down a street and looked up and there above the trees an object was hoovering. it had lights on the bottom, not of any particular color, they where white lights. i just sat in the car looking up at this object. then a noticed some people come by and one fellow came up to my car window. not knowing who he was, i only rolled my window down about 2 inches. he said to me, 'i don't know what that is, but it's not a plane'. they got in their car and left the area. i remained just watching it. suddenly, without noise, it began to slowly move. i was following with my car. then i remembered my cousin is waiting for me. so i left and picked her up. i told her what happened and took her to the scene, but it was gone. the next day or so i was at my aunt & uncles house in queens. she said she had seen a ufo on the same night that i did. i told her to go into the other room and draw what she saw and that i would draw what i saw. sure enough, we drew the same object with the same structured lights on the bottom. the next day it was in the papers. they must have been seen all over the l.I. & queens area. i will forward the article to you. thank you for all that you do. debbie santoro

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Credit: MUFON

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