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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Tombstone, Arizona on 2018-12-20 00:00:00 - 2nd night sighting & it showed itself to me. & also seen it split into 3 objects

Again my husband & i were outside at table on porch smoking a cig. it was bout same time as the night before (on the 19th.)when we seen the lights... i was sure i was going to see this light again with hopes that with binoculars i would beable to catch the object in full.. had anticipated seeing it all day.. so round 7pm we went outside. and low & behold out 5mins when i seen this brightlight right above house. it blinked on then off bout 2/3seconds later it appeared on the north west side of the sheephead mountain for bot 1/2 seconds and disappeared again. meanwhile there were once again military jets flying all over the area.. then it appeared again bout 3/5mins later and when it did it showed itself to me wow.. talk about amazing... i didnt think something that big could have existed..Had to be bout 2football feilds wide and bout 1football field high.. it reminded me of something out of a starwars movie..It looked like 2cigar shaped things on bothsides of the ship emmiting bright lights and something inthe middle connecting the 2sides. to appear as 1 massively huge ship.. when i seen that it looked to be maybe 10/15miles away.. and appeared to be almost on the ground and when i saw that it looked to be in the midts of turnigleftin mid air. at 1st i was terrified..That was my initial feeling,then i was excited beyond anything you could imagine i still can not believe something that huge could exits flying in our skies..Then it appeared again and then the last time we seen this thing it was much further away looked to be maybe by i-10 highway it appeared as 1 huge light and both my husband & i were looking thru our binoculars when we watched that light split 1st inti 2 objects then 3 very colorful and then they were just gone

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Credit: MUFON

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