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Saturday, December 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Snowflake, Arizona on 2018-12-28 00:00:00 - Every night i see 2 purplish lights beam coming from inside the lower portion of each separate clouds facing towards each other with their lights twinkling.

for months now i can go outside after dark and view the 2 lights that are always up in the night's sky nestled in clouds downwards near the bottom of a dark cloud. each of the 2 light's are in their own cloud with the bright, twinkling light's facing each other. occasionally an orangish blinking lights appears in a cloud between the 2 purplish-blue lights on each side of the cloud with the blinking orangish light's in the middle. the light's that i see on the ground are not near a house or road and after living here in this rural community for 30 yrs. we know where homes and roads are located. last night when i saw that the orangish light's were here again i witnessed these strange light's that have been on the ground or near the ground were facing upward toward the orangish light's and the purplish-blue light's, appearing as if the mothership had arrived. i continue reporting phenomenal events that i see each and every night. i have taken pictures of humanoid animal hybrids that are around the property at our house. i also have video's of them. these aliens communicate to me with technical abilities that aren't know of, at least not publically. the u.S. military knows about this allegedly told to me and the aliens showed me our military working with aliens, pilots in head gear flying fighter jets, and military have looked back at me through this viewing device of unknown origin to me. this is my bedroom wear i dress, undress, count my money, read personal mail, talk on my cell phone. where do these alien's and military personnel have the right to see into my personal life. who gives them the right to invade my personal privacy?? they told me to not be afraid because our countries military was here. for 10 months they have never harmed me. they also told me that the military out here are aware of me and that they also are aware of these aliens communicating with me. in my bedroom the alien's sometimes bring in their advanced technical device to show me a live view. the video that i've submitted is taken at night behind our house. as i was standing out on our back deck i thought i saw something moving. i grabbed my camera and as i was recording i realized that i couldn't see anything moving with the naked eye but on the screen of my camera i saw small alien creatures moving around. to look at the video it may appear as though it is small animals running around but i assure you they are alien's. as i recorded this phenomenal event i kept looking back at the ground where i saw nothing move but when i'd looked at the screen i totally witnessed small alien creatures scampering around but when i tried to record it some more my camera stopped as it usually does when i'm recording aliens or taking their pictures. so for 10 months now, i've been dealing with aliens that are communicating with me. my mother lives here also but she has lost most of her eyesight she can not see the humanoids in the dark but she has been able to witness some of the ufo's ascending and descending near our home. i was contacted by our regions investigative director, we met at a restaurant where he asked me to explain what happened in the event. last month when the investigator's came to our home they said that the gages on their equipment did show positive readings where they had checked. i filed a few more reports along with some of my pictures i've taken, to mufon about the humanoid animal hybrids i was seeing regularly. a few days later i received a call from our regional director. i was told that he would no longer be working with me and i should contact the mufon experiencer research team,'ert'. he explained the directions on how to contact the team. i followed the directions and filled out their questionnaire. i'm hoping to hear from them soon. please i'm in need of support. these aliens are coming into my room now. my mother is quite upset that they are invading her house. i've said that they are here. they've landed here! they're here every night. why am i alone? where are those who want to see, know, and witness this truth!! why am i alone? please! i've been asking for help and support but now i'm begging! i lay in my bed at night alone frightened, but in awe as i watch aliens in my room. i awake in the morning to sometimes find my pj's buttoned wrong or my arm out of the sleeve. i lay in bed alone in the dark and feel my body begin to levitate, sometimes i feel like i was dropped on my bed from up high. mother and i have lost time. i'm alone! doesn't anyone care?? if i didn't have pictures, video's and witnesses i would begin to think that i've lost my mind. i need some support to tell me i have not! how do i get support? how do i tell the world that they are here?? mufon! mufon! please, can you hear, can you understand me? are there any resources?? if so, can you help guide me? i need answer's, why are they here near our home? why is it that when i go outside my house i can see alien's shinning their light's on the ground and what look's like they are looking down on the ground for something and this goes on every night. where are the humans that should be seeing all this? are there other's who are seeing what mother and i are seeing and what i alone am seeing and experiencing! are they digging tunnels from deluce nm? what are they really doing on our private property, every night?? we want answer's! why do i witness portals on our property with aliens coming and going threw these portal? mufon! can you understand me? mufon! will you be able to help me....Soon??? mufon! you're all i've got.... are you able to guide me towards the answer's to all my question"s?? mufon!!, can you hear me begging for support??

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Credit: MUFON

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