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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Key West, Florida on 2017-08-17 00:00:00 - We saw two white orbs fly toward our ship in formation, then fly separately, descend into the water, ascend from the water, hover, and fly straight toward us as if they could see us.

A friend and i were on a cruise heading back to florida from the bahamas. late on the last night of the trip we stood on our balcony for a long time looking out at the sea and talking. the balcony faced north as the ship was traveling west. we passed by an island, we saw other cruise ships, a plane, a helicopter, birds, and stars. we were the only people on a balcony at that hour. our whole side of the ship was dark except for our room. we suddenly noticed two white balls of light (orbs) flying toward the ship from the distance. at first they were flying in perfect formation in a straight line. we thought the appearance of the two objects - spheres of white light with no wings and no sound - was unusual. how could they be flying? we commented on how perfect the formation was, and we wondered what could fly like that. the two orbs were coming closer to the ship, and they started flying separately in random directions and at impossible angles. we kept asking ourselves "what were they?" because we had already seen other objects we knew they were not planes, not birds, not helicopters, and not anything else we could imagine. we both do not drink or anything so that was not an issue. then we saw the orbs enter the water easily. they went from flying in the air to directly entering the sea with no slowing down. we couldn't believe what we were seeing. after a few minutes submerged, the two orbs came up almost vertically out of the sea. they flew closer to the ship and up to about 45 degrees high and about 200 feet away. i'm estimating they were each about 5 feet in diameter. they both came to a complete stop and hovered there. our eyes were locked on them. we were captivated and had a long look at them. then they suddenly moved directly toward us, fast, as if they had seen us. we each recognized this as an act of intelligence, that we had been seen and that the orbs now knew they were being watched, so we ran screaming and terrified into the room and hid behind the couch. we both had this fight or flight response at the same time. we spent the rest of the night processing this event. i haven't been able to forget this experience so i thought documenting it with mufon would help. fyi, i am an engineer with a phd. i have wondered if these orbs were balls of plasma under remote control by the military, but then i cannot imagine how they would be able to see us and scare us like they did (no apparent camera). i have also not been able to reconcile the objects entering and leaving the water at full speed and at sharp angles, and traveling in random directions without wings and without noise. there are just too many unbelievable facts for me to understand. i wish i'd had the initiative to take a photo.

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Credit: MUFON

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