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Sunday, December 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Baltimore, Maryland on 1983-10-12 17:20:00 - First saw bright light overhead going east along moravia rd. then saw saucer-like disc hovering noiselessly over cemetary. got out of car and watched it for 5 minutes. it moved se, looped out of sight over baltimore key bridge area.

Three of us driving home on a wednesday about 5:20, oct. 12, 1973. on moravia rd after harford rd sighting of bright white light directly overhead at that juncture. at crest of hill now at cemetary, we saw hovering, this typical flying saucer-like object about 500 ft away in center of the cemetery. no noise, just cars passing us by. there were porthole like windows with yellowish light rapidly streaming around the inside. there was a darker gunmetal gray dome. i bit my lip to focus...Is this real? there were two lights ar opposite ends, one green, one red..Ours? fcc regulations? it was there for 5 minutes. our passenger lady stayed in the car crying. she married a johns hopkins intern. we watched it as is slowly moved on se towards the key bridge and then go out of sight. we went home, had a gin and tonic and blue cheese on crackers and a cigarette. we then called city police. person said about 50 other calls came in, that it tracked in from out over apg area, as i remember. we called md. state police. they gave us name of a local ufo observer who worked at the md. transit authority. we called him. he said it may have been the md. state lottery and a bi-plane advertising the next lottery number drawing location. all bullshit. we called friendship airport (now bwi). they mumbled something "where do they find the time?). the local observer took our story and referred it to center for ufo studies 1609 sherman avenue evanston, il. 60201 312-491-6666 j. allan hynek, ph. d astrophysicist that letter from them dated feb 16, 1981 they essentially blew us off and wanted us to buy their newsletter. the object we saw closely resembles the image on the internet you-tube site we found by googling......German ufo's

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Credit: MUFON

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