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Saturday, December 15, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Carolina Beach, North Carolina on 2016-11-15 22:30:00 - Orbs with whitish exterior, pulsing warm colored interior. one orb turned into multiples, disappeared and reappeared in different location.

I can provide better dates and timeline in the future, i wasn’t alone, i’m sure my friend who also witnessed the orbs can provide more accurate dates however i know he would want to remain anonymous. i was standing on the back balcony of his condo when i noticed what i first perceived to be one of those paper lanterns people light and release into the sky. i thought this because i could see a warm colored pulsing light inside i believed to be fire at first. i called my friend out to enjoy it with me until we both recognized it was definitely something else. the orb, a perfect sphere, had a cream colored exterior, which could could be described as white if it wasn’t for the yellow orangish glow that seemed to smoothly flicker if not pulse webthen witnessed a second one operating exactly as the first, but to keep it simple i will only describe the one i focused on. . at this point i would guess it’s distance to be a few hundred yards. it kept an overall similar distance to the ground which i know varied from time to time but still remained decently consistent. then we really got a show when it proceeded to multiply into more orbs. sometimes two, then 3, then 5. the orbs remained at equal distance from each other, in a straight line operating as a unit. when the maximum number 5 was reached it began what looked as if it was surveying the town of carolina beach below. i can’t be exact on the height off the ground but it was low enough to really see clearly. maybe 50 ft to 100 feet off the ground, maybe a bit higher. it would turn into 5 orbs and start sweeping the area. turn into less orbs, back into one, and then disappear, then reappear further away in a blank of an eye. possibly traveling around a quarter of a mile away, and then repeat the action. until it eventually turned into a single orb, disappeared and finally could not see it anymore. in my profession i have a pretty decent ability to judge large scale of objects, and work with images in a way that i could recreate what it looked liked with detail. the width of the orb was hard to determine but with recreating the scenario placing spherical objects from the distance it was observed i believe i could determine its diameter fairly accurately. also not to forget i wasn’t the only one to observe this event. i remained somewhat quiet about this, told the story many times but not publicly to protect my friends wishes. overall summary, i had front row seats to a very peculiar spectacle. it was clear outside this night and we were of sound mind, i could not begin to compare it to anything i know to exist or having to existed. i will stand by my assumption that it operated with purpose, with function. as hard is it was to believe in general, i would have a much harder time believing it was a natural anomaly. this was the very definition of an unidentifiable flying object.

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Credit: MUFON

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