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Sunday, December 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Pulaski, New York on 2018-09-01 00:00:00 - Reptilian anomaly in nature enviroment.

My first encounter was back in late spring of 2009. i was laying in my bed just looking out the window into the dark sky around 9 pm or so when a disc shaped object came into view and just hovered above my town. it had different colored weird pulsating lights white, red, and just sat and hovered in the sky..So i got out of bed and looked side to side and saw two more farther off in the distance to the right doing the same thing. they had to have been a mile or so away and pretty far up but you can clearly tell they were disc like. my first thought was some kind of new fancy military helicopter till it moved. the one closest to me in the sky moved so fast from one spot to another in a matter of seconds like time travel speed. it moved like a balloon being yanked when you pull the string. then it hovered again and about after several minutes they slowly moved away till i couldn't see anymore..I just shrugged it off for years pretty much. then in july of 2011 i was doing a day trip with my kids to a beautiful gorge on the edge of the adirondack's in new york. i love to take pictures of nature..Waterfalls, trees, hiking trails, my kids..Etc. i had just a cheap walmart flip phone back then and so then i took some shots and i took a picture of this one cliff side and when i got home and scrolling through the pictures my jaw dropped cause you can clearly see what looks like to be a reptilian alien in the photo but in its own dimensional form..I held on to the picture for several years cause i just felt i shouldn't erase it. glad i didn't because again in sept of 2018 i was at another beautiful gorge in new york with a newer cell phone and caught another picture of another what looks to be a reptilian outline in the photo with a weird triangle anomaly above it. my jaw dropped again cause it looked similar to the first entity from several yrs ago. i don't who they are or what or know why they show themselves but they do...My pictures are 100% genuine..And not sure what to make of it all. the clearer face pic on the cliff wall is the oldest pic and the one with it hovering over the falls is the newest.

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Credit: MUFON

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