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Monday, December 31, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Snowflake, Arizona on 2018-12-29 00:00:00 - Came in my bedroom, moving around the ceiling light fixture after the humanoid wiped snow of the sky window in my ceiling.

on approx. 12/29/2018 while i was laying in bed at around 10:30 pm, my dog prince and i were about to fall asleep when something entered my mind to shine my flashlight on the dome sky window in the ceiling of my bedroom. most of the time when i've shined my flashlight up on the dome window my animal humanoid friend who i call handsome will come to the window dome outside on the roof. as i was looking at the dome with the flashlight i could see that there was snow outside on it still from the snow fall one day earlier. suddenly i could see a small hand/paw slowly wiping the snow away in movements that soon created a small clearing forming a circle. this continued until he had wiped all the snow off the dome window. as i lay there watching this amazing phenomenal event i looked at prince who laying near my head and i saw him also watching this event. when i looked back at the dome i saw handsome, my friend the feline animal humanoid. he was looking down at me and was waving to me. months ago i had told him that we humans on planet earth like to wave to each other as our way of a friendly greeting. here was handsome looking down at me with his face close to the window dome. he had grown a lot more hair than the last time i saw him during autumn. i said to him as i waved that it had been awhile since i'd last seen him. he was wearing his black cowboy type hat and looking as handsome as ever. while i looked up at him i saw his winter coat with curly locks in a blondish tone surrounding his face. i then noticed the ceiling light fixture moving slow and carefully as though it was trying to get adjusted in place. a dim light came on in one of the light fixture above me in the one lamp outlet that used to have a bulb until it popped out of the socket, startling me while i was standing in my room back in july 2018. it now was shining a moving picture on the north wall of my bedroom. i watched the light fixture wiggle somewhat with the dim light still casting a dim light showing live views on the wall. next thing i knew it was 8:00am. i got dressed quickly and ran outside to hopefully see evidence on the roof near my bedroom sky dome window. yes i could see prints heading towards the dome from the west side of the roof and then i saw prints in all the foot? foot prints were in the snow heading to or fun?From the dome towards the east. i couldn't tell for sure if the prints in the snow had abruptly stopped in mid stride or continued to or from the east side edge of the roof. it did appear to me that the prints east of the dome had abruptly. i did notice that although the roof had 4 or 5 inches on it still but the dome had none except a small amount was still on the lower left side of the dome, about a handful. ..No pun intended hehe . living alone with my 80 yr. old mother can be difficult for me to witness these phenomenons alone out here in this rural community miles away from any big city and acres away from a neighbor. i wanted so desperately to grab a ladder and go up on the roof to take a closer look to find out if the prints were from handsome. i am thankful that i have taken other pictures and video's as evidence. t truly feel that no one seems to want to see the pictures and video's or even that no one really cares about what's going on here on our property and in our home. mother's eyesight doesn't allow her to make out the pictures or even see them at all and because she can not see what's going on she is worrisome about strange beings and crafts trespassing on our private property. so i say to mufon member's including myself that they are here still and i've been taking picture's and video's for over 10 + months. right here at mine and mother's home in north-eastern arizona. all alone still, except for my friend handsome, all the alien's and animal humanoids, and also all the different ufo's ascending and descending moving here and there while i watch them.....Alone. all alone still 10 month's of reporting what i've witnessed here every night alone with no answer's as to why are they here and..... in and on our house? why do i keep seeing these alien's looking at the ground here in the dark wearing lights over their noses with bands strapped around each of it's ear's to hold it on ? how do they go in and out of all the portals that i've seen them go into and come out of? where do they go? from where do they come from when they arrive near our home? how do they get up on our roof? why do they care to show me live viewing of themselves out here on our property? are they watching mother and i undress and dress? if so ….Who gave them the right to invade our privacy. am i suppose to report this to our police? if so will they believe me or have me locked up in a mental hospital? will the authorities try to silence me? …......The thought that the local authority trying to lock me up and silence me scares the heck out of me. what is their purpose of these phenomenal events that the is being shown to? they keep showing me all kinds of new alien things i'm very much interested? why do i care to look at all this alien and ufo activity but no one else wants to come and see? doesn't anyone care that they are here? why am i alone with so many unanswered question for more than 10 plus months? why in god's name do i witness et's and ufo's every night alone? doesn't anyone care to photograph these things? why are there no journalists or reports out here logging down these phenomenal events like i have been for over 10 months now. does anyone even care to read my 100 + page journal of what i'm witnessing every night? they are here! i cry out to every human on this planet earth......The world needs to know what they are here showing me....... their extraordinary abilities....!!! i want to also mention that the now well known, to the many ufology organizations, that the authorities did not believe the reports of what really had happened to travis walton who, by the way he and his family lives in the same rural area as i do. and that is why i why i feel that i shouldn't go alone to report these activities and home invasions to our local law enforcement. who knows,? who may or may not secretly be involved, with all that's happening on and near our private property. i have my cousin who is a witness to a few incidents, so also is my mother, and i have evidence to prove my reports to mufon. i seek the truth as i look for answer's to my question's.

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Credit: MUFON

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