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Thursday, December 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sunnyvale, California on 2018-12-18 12:00:00 - Very bright reflective light, solid enough to look like an object but also like a star, larger than a plane or blimp, flickered/shined in broad daylight, dimmed a bit and then vanished completely, as if it was sucked into something, gone without path

I was driving home, along a local street or express way, with your average amount of the few 12pm traffic surrounding me, above and straight ahead of me i notice something that didn't quite look like a plane but for a quick second would have came off as one. but this was much brighter, much bigger and wasn't moving! within the 45-1 min i watched it, it never moved, it stayed in the same position. it was bright and reflective, like a silver metallic foil like balloon, but was not round, and was much bigger than a balloon or a blimp, and did not seem to be "floating", it did not float up or down, it did not move side to side, or into the distance like an airplane, it just flashed and reflected right where it was, slowly and then quickly, slowly and then quickly, like a star, and then slow enough to where it seemed like it was moving backwards or in slow motion, like being sucked into something or playing in reverse, and i waited for it to become smaller, as do airplanes when flying across the sky, but it never did, it just reflected one last time and it was gone! i lost it, as if it went behind something, like it went behind something the same exact color/appearance as the sky, its hard to explain. it just became invisible! completely disappeared into thin air. only, it was a clear and cloudless sky! straight solid blue sky, not a plane or bird in sight, it was absolutely bizarre. i watched the sky for a couple mins to see if it would reappear anywhere and it never did. just a blank sky after that. nothing in the distance, nothing on all sides, just nothing. i was in complete awe. i tried to catch other drivers reactions, to see if anyone else noticed what i just did, but i only caught the attention of 3 other cars, whom did not see anything at all, just seemed completely unfazed, so obviously weren't paying attention at all. there were no pedestrians either.

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Credit: MUFON

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