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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Corozal, Corozal District on 2018-12-15 18:40:00 - Ufos are appear repeatedly in the same spot & same time near my home in the sky. this is the most recent event, ovals, triangles, light beams & orbs

I will tell of all recent accounts here, as they're all mostly the same. nov 16, 17, 21-26 and dec 12, 14 & 15th, 2018 i have witnessed ufo activity in the sky near my home, same area every time. it always starts around 6pm with lights playing in the clouds, sometimes all over the place and sometimes side to side in a uniform pattern, but not like spotlights. they seem to be coming from above the clouds. (first time i ever saw them was oct 28, 2016 in the same spot) the first night this happened this year was november 16th. i was with a friend on my back deck which faces mexico and is elevated with a clear view of a good part of the nrothern sky. i live in belize near the border. it was around 6pm that we saw the dancing search lights. they seemed to be chasing each other in the clouds and had the faintest beam coming from them, could barely see the beams at all. first it was crazy to watch and then it got boring and repetitive and i couldn't capture it on my phone for some reason. so my friend went home and i continued watching because i was here anyway, when around 6:40pm a solid large red light appeared north of me in the sky. it didn't come from anywhere, it just appeared. by large, i mean it looked like it was at least mile away in the sky to the north and about the size of a pea. then it started pulsating and got a tiny bit smaller and flashed red and white lights all over it. it looked oval in shape but i couldn't make it out for sure at first. it lowered itself slowly toward the earth in a straight line while still pulsating red and white lights all over it, almost like a sparkler. then it disappeared from view beyond the trees. the exact same thing happened the next night on nov 17th this year at the exact same time. this time my friend stayed and witnessed it too because the same search lights came out first and we waited and watched. this time i got a better look at it between the flashing lights, as i was much calmer and accepting what i was seeing. it was oval or egg-shaped and had a horizontal row of black squares across the middle. i couldn't see for certain if it was disc shaped as the pulsating lights made it challenging to completely focus. the craft itself looked gun-metal in colour. the next occurrence was nov 19th and the rest of the dates i mentioned above, where there were various orbs above us, a triangular shaped craft that crossed my house with two white lights below it, came over my house from the north to the south and then back less than a few minutes later. the searchlights seem to come out before any major craft or large orb is going to appear and pass across. this brings me to the last incident with a craft, which was this past saturday night at 6:40pm, after watching the searchlights first, i saw one of the searchlights move to the left of my sky and shrink into the cloud and reappear as a right pin dot of light that came through the clouds in the same spot that we saw the oval/egg-shaped craft, except it was white and solid and large and then it darted to the right for what appeared about a cm from my distance and then started pulsating all white lights around it. it moved to the right, then appeared to come toward me and then down and little bit and then continued right until it was out of my sight behind the trees. it's lights were pulsating that whole time and it moved quickly but maybe only seconds in total til it was out of my sight. i couldn't make out the exact shape, but it seemed horizontal and solid and greyish. the lights were too distracting to see the exact shape and i was too shocked again to be able to fully focus on the shape, but i will be looking out for it again as this seems to be random. worth having investigated. i have tried to capture it on my camera and it literally fell apart when i turned it on. not sure that i am meant to capture it, but again, worth checking out because i am witnessing something that most people will never have the privilege of seeing.

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Credit: MUFON

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