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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Welwyn Garden City, England on 1978-07-15 23:10:00 - 3 humanoid figures appeared in our bedroom

In 1978 both my wife and i were asleep in our bed. i suddenly became aware of a very bright light shining on my eyelids. thinking we had intruders i tensed my leg muscles slowly getting ready to jump out of bed and confront the intruders. i very slowly opened my eyes (just a small slit) to see where "they" were. what i saw were 3 solid black shapes standing still in front of a very bright light source. their arms were by their sides, i could not make out any facial features eyes etc. the taller one (about 5feet tall) was in the centre with the shorter 2 either side. the shorter ones were about a head height shorter than the one in the centre of the group. i opened my eyes fully in disbelief and as i watched the bright background light slowly faded and with it they also faded until nothing remained. these images appeared on the wardrobe door which was about 3 feet from my side of the bed. i jumped oout of bed and touched the wardrobe door where it had happened, i felt nothing, looked inside the wardrobe again nothing. as a design engineer i felt afraid, vunerable, unable to rationalise what i had just seen. i woke my wife (she was sleeping on the far side of the bed) and told her, her reply was that i had been dreaming, turned over and went back to sleep. i have not told anyone about this over the years, even today writing this makes me feel very tense inside. i watch your program here in the uk and once a image of 3 aliens standing side by side was shown, this triggered my memory of the event. its never happened again since 1978. i feel very uneasy putting it in print. best wishes peter martin

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Credit: MUFON

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