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Friday, December 7, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on 2018-05-23 01:30:00 - Clear night; fell from zenith; produce bag or a dim glowing group; grew in brightness; changed direction and shape; flew towards nw

May 23rd, 2018, 1:30am just saw the strangest thing in the sky. stranger than anything i’ve ever seen to this day. laying in the field on a sleeping bag and pillows “star gazing” with (friend). laying with our feet northward and head southward. it was an absolutely clear night...The stars were extremely visible for the city. the light/thing object was traveling from the southeast towards the northwest... it appeared to be a combination of things... it was as if it was made of light, glowed and was similar to spot lights used outside of big events, also transparent like jellyfish or plastic produce bags used in grocery stores. when i first noticed it, it was almost directly above and little bit above my line of sight...(i had to look ‘upward’ from a laying down on my back position), i first thought it was a plastic produce bag falling from high up, then i realized it was not windy at all, and no trees close enough to explain it...I immediately noticed it was traveling pretty fast northwestward, so i then instinctually thought it’s “birds?”. immediately i knew it wasn’t and called for my friend to look up at it...As it was clearly traveling fast (from directly above then towards nw) and would be soon gone. we both saw it; i saw the entire event and my friend saw the second more intense part. to my confusion it was acceleratingly changing shape and became brighter as it travelled... it became more defined shaped like “french bread” or a pringle’s can? the “tube” portion could almost pass for the edge of a triangle (which if attached to a v-shape it would appear to be traveling diagonally), by now i was more confused and quickly becoming somewhat astonished at what i was seeing! it had the same transparency as a glowing jellyfish, and the light intensity was similar to that of an event spot light aimed skyward. i hesitate to compare it to northern lights (aurora borialis) but in some ways it could apply...However i am an “outdoor” person and i have seen those hundreds times...I know my night sky! i have seen many satelites, meteor showers countless times...This was nothing even close to any of those things...In fact i’ve even seen a formation of v shaped objects flying north that were not birds...As crazy as that event was, it wasn’t enough to merit contacting you...Although i should make a report in that incident as well. i can’t even explain how strange this thing was...But it was 100% something real, it was changing shape and traveling fast... i want to say without sounding too crazy, that it was as though i felt it was something that was literally materializing (something solid) as it “entered” the atmosphere, and it seemed like it tried to “cloak” itself as it was quickly flying away...As its shape seemed to be “becoming something”, it was fading in light intensity and it got further away fast. one part that was disturbing was how large this thing appeared to be and how mush it seemed to be moving as one single object...Not a simple “swirl” of lights whipping across the sky..:not like northern lights in that sense whatsoever. seriously the weirdest thing i’ve ever seen... it was as though “it knew” we could see it and it did what it could to cloak itself fly away and hide! something about this made me feel fear, and mild anxiety... this immediate feeling was unusual and out of character...I felt fear...And mild/slight panick. there isn’t really a lot of detail, but i want to convey what i saw...It is my deepest feeling this was something more than just light. i hope there are others who have seen a similar thing...For my own curiosity...I’d like to have an idea of what this could have been. please get back to me if you feel there are more questions and i may submit the other event, if i feel it merits more attention.

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Credit: MUFON

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