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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Auckland, Auckland on 2018-12-19 18:13:00 - Metallic spinning non-aerodynamic cross-like ufo hovered while rotating and then ascended out of sight

I was glancing out at the rain clouds forming from my 20th floor balcony and noticed a strange rotating metallic object out approximately 55 degrees in the sky moving initially from my left to right (nw to e). it didn’t look like a normal airliner, sea plane, or helicopter i frequently see in the area. the object appeared to be metallic, shiny silver, and looked almost like three school buses had been sandwiched together. the strange part was that the object seemed to be spinning on its axis as it traversed the sky, and then hovered for some time. it still spun as it hovered and i didn’t hear any noise from it. i grabbed a pair of binoculars with a phone mount and took a video on my iphone x. you can see the object in the video, but i was struggling to get it in clear frame with a steady hand. hopefully you can stabilize this better than i and hopefully zoom in a bit to get the shape of the object. it stayed spinning and hovering for a few minutes, and then ascending up out of my view. i am familiar with ufos, and remember seeing a very large triangle in my youth, but never have seen or heard of anything like this. the object did not look like it would be aerodynamic enough to fly, and really blew my mind as it spun and changed shapes as it moved across the sky. rain clouds were moving in, and despite my attempts to sight it again, i saw nothing for the remainder of the afternoon. i really would like to know what that was, and how it spun. it did not look like the iss, which i have seen maybe times, and moved upward ascending into the heavens, but was much bigger than a satellite (several of which i’ve watched pass with the same set of binoculars).

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Credit: MUFON

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