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Friday, December 7, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Nashville, Tennessee on 2018-12-05 00:00:00 - An object first appears as a flat line the became a silver rectangle then disappeared

Hello tennessee mufon. i have a short encounter to share with you.My only regret is i didn’t have my camera/ phone at the ready. yesterday , 12/05/2018 , i was standing on the upper level of a 2 level parking garage. it was a clear sky at about 4 pm. i was looking at the sky watching a number of planes fly( i think 6). this time there were actual con-trails instead of chem trails. they were actually evaporating. i spent most of the time facing south. btw i live in nashville, tn. i then turned toward the setting sun. this time of year it sits early and a little towards the south. the sunset was beautiful. i then turned my focus in a northerly direction and spotted an aircraft. which seemed to be heading my direction . which would make it heading toward the southeast. in this particular direction there is a small craft airport about 6 miles from my position. i thought it might be one of them. i then thought this craft seemed pretty high in elevation for such a close proximity. i am not a pilot so i could be wrong. it seemed to be an airplane but something wasn’t right. i thought maybe a helicopter. possibly from one of the hospitals. the profile wasn’t right for that either. there was not much of a profile at all. it was almost like, a light, then a dark line then another light. all of which was kind of fluttering.It seemed then all of a sudden it was shiny silver. all this time the distance did not seem to change. it then seemed to have turned like a soldier would “ right face”. there then was more shiny silver or chrome in the shape of a rectangle. the top left corner was the last to become bright. i stared in awe for 4 or 5 seconds. i could see some fluttering around this object. then i reached for my phone/ camera , which was charging in my car. then it was gone. dang!!

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Credit: MUFON

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