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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Tecumseh, Michigan on 2018-10-30 00:00:00 - Took dog out 2am oct30/turned to go back in/ hovered about 2 meters above my roof (1 story home)/ stared at about 20 seconds/ shot off toward lake erie/

on oct 30 at two am i took our dog out. in my hand i had by little flashlight pointed toward the ground.I heard the wind blowing very strongly but i did not feel any wind. finally, i noticed that the tall pine tree on the east side of the back yard was frantically whipping around. toby did his thing and we headed southward across our patio toward the back door of our one story home. i looked up and, to my surprise, a craft hoovered about 2 meters above our roof. my mouth dropped open as i stood there almost paralyzed. the left side of the craft appeared to be in line with the top of the comb of our home. after staring for about 15 or 20 seconds, the craft shot off eastward toward lake erie making a sucking sound as it went. as i starred at its tail end, with the exception of a small tail-like fin, it with appeared to be about the same width as its length. in about three or four seconds it was out of sight. the craft had no lights, bur rather appeared as a dark solid object against the clear bluish sky line. the next day, i looked at the roof again and using the many roof vents as reference points, i surmised that ts length to be about 40 feet. note: from our home to toledo is about 30 miles. then we have another 150 miles to dayton - the location of wright patterson air force base. of course, if one goes in a straight line, it has to be shorter. on the other hand, as fast as it traveled, this thing could go any where it desired in a fraction of our time. in addition, my neighbor on the west says he was in the air force and was assigned to area 51 for a while. sometimes he brings the subject up, starts trembling, and then says,he saw and experienced things that no human should have to see. i am a retired pastor and a vietnam veteran.

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Credit: MUFON

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