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Monday, December 3, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Mill Park, Victoria on 2014-11-13 00:00:00 - On 13th november 2014, 5 pm melbourne australia i photographed a strange group of rainbows and a dark, metal looking, triangular object shout out of a canon-like cloud.

Hello everyone i wanted to share this as it was probably the most profound, unexplained sighting i managed to capture from my phone. i realise the picture quality is pretty bad as i only had an old nokia back then but i have shown it to a few friends and they were pretty impressed with what i had seen. back in mid november, 2014, i left my house in mill park, melbourne australia at about 5 pm to go out for dinner. i was sitting on the passengers side in my friends car just looking out the window. within minutes i then noticed that the sky was quite clear and blue to the east but to the west there were weird patches of cloud that didn't look right and that is when i began to see strange 'rainbows' appearing. i quickly rummaged through my handbag for my phone to get a photo of these 'miniature rainbows', which had formed either vertically or horizontally. there were about 5 or 6 i could see and to the naked eye they appeared to be a metre or so long. they were all quite close together and relatively low in the sky, (just above tree-top height.) after about 10 minutes all had faded becoming almost invisible but there was still one rainbow remaining which seemed to be brighter and closer than the others. this is when i asked my friend to pull over so i could get a better look and take a cool photo. roughly 5 minutes later i jumped back in the car to go through all the shots i had just taken but they were nothing compared to the very last photo i took. it seems there was a lot more going on and fortunately my camera managed to catch something else i hadn't first noticed. i quickly looked back up at the sky to see if i could find the strange triangular, metal looking object which appeared to have been 'shot out' of a 'canon looking' cloud beside it. it was from this point everything happened so fast that i could barely take it all in. i could only just see the triangular object which seemed to be moving further away to the west at varied levels of height. it soon disappeared and the 'canon-like' cloud formation had also begun fading into a white, mist. it was still very noticeable as it overlapped the sunset and mass of cloud which had now spread entirely over the remaining sections of blue sky. there was no rain during the day or night and it was actually a fairly hot spring evening.

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Credit: MUFON

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