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Saturday, December 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Wloclawek, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship on 1978-05-31 00:00:00 - It was l shape object of orange color moving in straight line from west to the east.

I was about 6 years of age and this happened in the sumer of 1978 or 1979 i can not remember exactly what year.It was 11-11:30 pm and myself and my parents and few other members of our family were walking from our flats where we lived to another little town which was aprox 3miles away. we were going to drop off my uncle and his wife to their house. to get there we had to go throu big empty field 1-2 mile across where there was no light or any other houses or building.In the far distance we could see 3 10 stories high flats and thats where we were going to. as i said it was warm summer holiday night and because it was late and i got tired of walking my cousing put me on his shoulders. the sky was cloudles and you could see stars very clear. on some stage in the middle of our journey (maybe 0.5 mile away from those 3 towers (flats) i noticed an object moving above the first tower which was located on the north-west.It was orange and in shape of letter l, it was moving slowly and the "letter" l was rotaing as the object was moving.It was way above first 10 story flat (which measured 30m in hight) so as far as i remember object was probably at hight of 60m maybe. it was far away maybe o.5 mile away from where we were.I didnt noticed any sound and the object was moving swiftly while it's l shaped body was rotating clock wise.The size of this object from my point of view (0.5 mile away) was probably as big as green pea. i was the first person who spoted it and when i asked mu cousing what it was he just said...Ah it is just a comet. l-shaped object moved from the first tower passed the second one and than the third one and after maybe 2 minutes disapear over the horizont to the north east. and that was it,me being 5-6 years at that time i was satyfy with anser that my uncle gave me.It was just a comet. i am now 45 y of age living in another country since 2004 but that " thing i have seen 40 y ago back then baffle me big time because i know that comet's dont have l shaped bodies, i know that it wasn't an airoplane ,nor helicopter cos it was l-shaped,soundles,orange thing moving across the night sky. i have attached picture of those 3 towers and aprox distance and shape of an object i have seen over 40 y ago.Obvioulsy it was night time and and no buildings or cars in front of us.This picture i attached is just to give you roughly idea of shape and movement of this object.

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Credit: MUFON

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