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Monday, December 3, 2018

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UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 2018-11-26 14:01:00 - Cluster of unidentified objects escorting air force fighter airplanes

My residence is located under one of the flight paths for kelly afb in san antonio. i regularly take photographs with a nikkon camera of military airplanes flying over and around my residence in daylight and at night. on november 26, 2018 i was doing yard work in the morning and witnessed two air force fighter jets with full after burners flying very low, and loudly, over my residence. i had heard them taking off from kelly afb a few minutes before i saw them. they were flying toward the southwest. about 2:00 pm that afternoon i heard jets and wanted to get some photographs so i grabbed my camera and went outside. the air force fighter jets flew over my residence again at about 2:01 pm and i took a couple of photographs. the air force fighter jets went around the flight path one more time and were over my residence at about 2:04 pm so i snapped some more photographs. i don't remember seeing anything out of the ordinary in the sky at the time, however, i was intensely focused on just the fighter jets. i put my camera back in it's case and didn't download the images off of the camera into the computer until the next day. i erased the images from my camera for space for thanksgiving day photos. i intended to put some of the images of the fighters on my facebook page after thanksgiving so i didn't bother reviewing the airplane photographs at that time. on november 30, 2018 i began reviewing thanksgiving day photographs and decided to take a look at my airplane photographs so i could post one. when i looked at the first photograph i saw a object next to one of the airplanes. i continued reviewing the series of nine photographs i had taken and noticed more objects in each of the photographs. several photographs have just a few objects in them but many of the photographs have multiple objects.

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Credit: MUFON

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