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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Wisconsin on 2018-11-24 01:07:00 - Witness by me and two co workers as we went out for lunch break

On november 24th around 1pm two co workers and i were on freeway heading towards milwaukee south side area for lunch and we notice right when we drive pass the miller park stadium that their was this one weird looking cloud it had mirrors type reflections and shines back and forth and was only on one corner of the cloud and we never seen anything like that before so we decided to take pictures and video of it next think u know we saw planes driving a round it or heading towards it not even 3 ins later we all witnessed a chrome ball orb going west from the east side of our view and was going pretty quick and almost seem like it was flowing not flying it was hard to explain not ur average wind glide type style more or less like when u blow a bubble and observe it move around we couldn’t believe our eyes two mins later the cloud with the reflection beam of light completely dim down and the orb disappeared to me and my conworkers we jokingly said the cloud was like a black hole 🕳 where the 🛸 made its appearance to come into our time and space this is not the first time i witnessed something like this just thankful it’s always w friends or coworkers everyone always seems shocks and instantly do not want to think of the possibility of what it could be because it just doesn’t make sence to them so they just forget about it i have pics and video or the even i did not get the orb on video this was when we turned off the camera but we did get pics of the cloud with the bean emerging from it id like someone to take time and read my story and get back to me if possible. i did some photo editing of the light that was reflecting and weird enough it care back with a image of what looks like a ufo lmao i don’t know what to think of it doesn’t look like the orb i saw but it’s shaoed can be seen in the photos i uploaded .

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Credit: MUFON

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