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Thursday, December 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on 2018-12-24 19:06:00 - Orb appeared, seemed like it was going downwards, then disappeared.

Driving to relatives for christmas eve. saw a point of light in the highway start going downwards. looked out of place relative to what i'm used to normally seeing on the road to the point it got my attention. while i noticed it, it was moving down and then abruptly just disappeared. two other passengers in the car, no one noticed it. object was just a point of light but it had no context to it (i.E. not attached to an airplane, helicopter. normally an airplane or helicopter would have more than one light on it anyway, only one light seen). when i first noticed the object i thought it might be someone playing with fireworks on christmas eve by the condo apartments. the feelings when first seeing it was i called on jesus and was hoping that i wasn't losing my mind while i was driving. i was concerned to the point of asking another passenger if they wanted to drive because i was worried that i was seeing things that were not there and was being distracted on the highway and that the sighting of this presented an elevated risk of a potential accident on the road. i did not feel comfortable at all with what i saw, but at the same time, thought the experience was interesting to say the least. object just vanished as soon as it was seen. it was near some condos. the condos on bayview and highway 401 are unusual condos to the rest of the area. they are the only condos that have an a long antenna coming out of the roof with the whole roof area lit up brightly. the orb was seen next to these condos and descending down. i thought perhaps the bright lights on the top of the roof could be attracting the attention of something. would be interesting to go to this condo to interview or send flyers out to the residence to see if they notice anything unusual about the condo, particularly those living on the higher floors near the roof.

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Credit: MUFON

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