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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Salem, Missouri on 2016-06-30 00:00:00 - Orb observation between myself and house.

I was in a field adjacent to our home, checking on some horses we had just acquired. i wanted to make sure they were ok and adjusting to the 3 acre field next to the house. i was approximately 50 yards away from the east side of our house (deck) and it was pitch black out. i don’t use lights to check in the horses a si didn’t want to spook them, as well as keep my night sight. after making contact with the horses, i had looked back (west) towards the house and i saw a flash or blip of light. it was about the size of what you’d expect a common flashlight to be. this had me thinking there was a person in the field, maybe messing around or looking for mushrooms, who knows. however, we live 15 miles from the closest town and about a mile from the nearest neighbor, whose kids are grown and living away from home. we do live across from a 2500 acre conservation, though there are very few visitors. it was not hunting season and there weren’t any fireflies out yet. having been in the army 20+ years and being a trained sniper/ observer, i know a flashlight blip (for say a signal). however, there was no sound, no footsteps or running and no person(s). i searched the entire field and at times conducted listening halts to listen for anyone talking/moving. there was nothing. so the flash of light was totally unexplained. a month or so later, i saw a light traveling (at night, approx 9pm) down my neighbors driveway (south to north). my neighbor is in his 70’s and i thought maybe he lost something and i called on his home phone to offer my help. he related he wasn’t outside nor had he been. i told him about the light and he said he hadn’t heard anyone. i keep a pair of binoculars in the living room as we see deer, turkeys and a lot of birds. so when i looked through the optics, i for sure saw a light moving down his driveway but could not make out a person. my neighbor said a distant neighbor sometimes coon hunts at night, but there were no dogs and only the one light. again, roughly flashlight size (not like a spotlight) and this time it was on for a minute or so. these were two instances i saw lights out on my property and no (observable) person with said lights. i’ve also heard an unidentifiable roar/scream, of which i can go through just about every animal i know of and that we have here in mo and it wasn’t like anything i’ve ever heard. that event can be documented separately if desired. i have also had two experiences out on the neighboring conservation (this year) where i have seen things disappear. both were initially dog looking and the first also had a dark figure. both times i was with my dogs and both times i found no tracks or trace, no sound, and no contact, though i am 110% sure i saw something both times. the second time the dogs had “hit” on the object and began a chase, but all kind of left it alone after a certain point, which is odd for the english foxhound, which tracks like crazy. so some good stories to share and tell if anyone is interested. i’m a retired special agent and have done many years of investigative work. i find it absolutely fascinating to read other testimonials. thank you for your hard work and diligence!

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Credit: MUFON

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