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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Smithfield, New South Wales on 2018-11-29 16:50:00 - Driving north looked up and seen a huge white cylinder or cigar that looked like a thin cloud. it was following a 747 quantus jet - it was not any stream - it dwarfed the plane and moved about 3cm in he sky behind the plane and was immense in size.

Okay, so i was driving to pick up my daughter going towards fairfield to pick up my 22yr old daughter. my eyes are always in the sky and that sunny cloudless hot day, i had noticed quite a few quantas jets travelling from my east to right as i drive this way every day. this is my third daylight sighting. so, i am looking at the planes as i always watch for ufos in the sky. and this particular plane i noticed ( none of them had any jet streams that you can see from that distance and from the suburb i live it appeared to be over sydney city ( the distance ). and i immediately noticed that it appeared to be chasing this 747 plane!!! its appearance is unlike i have ever seen and it did change shape a little. it was not directly right behind the plane and had separation. what made me freak is the size and length. it could have been silver-white and it was like cigar-shaped long and it was huge! it dwarfed the plane in both height and length and people must have seen this on the plane??? its end looked thin and to me, it looked like i was looking at a disc-shaped ufo from my view that i could see on its side as if it were like the star trek enterprise without the bottom and just the top. but it was really long and looked like it was about 3-4cm compared to the plane which looked so tiny in front of this white stripe. and it was moving behind the plane at a slow pace. then i went to get my phone camera to take a video and i did but i conveniently dropped my phone between the gears and passenger chair. as i started to use one hand (left) to film and i was driving with my right. it was extremely difficult as i was losing view of them. the last thing i saw was the plane, but the massive craft was totally gone as i was yelling in my video recording. it was gone. i know i could not be the only person that saw this and how strange is this? when i picked up my daughter who was on a bus from parramatta to fairfield, as i told her, before i finsihed she yelled "i saw it too while on the bus dad!" when she seen it, there was no plane and not a single puff of cloud in the sky at all. the other strange thing i thought as i looked at it is, when looking, because of how bizarre and huge it looked. it was like it was some type of 'rift' that had just opened and was slowly closing. like a portal. that crossed my mind and at one point it was like the plane came out of it, but that is not what i saw. then it was gone. just like that. i stopped the car and looked and the plane was in the far distance by now to the west of where i was and no white long craft or whatever it was. i have seen ufo's before. and reported seeing multiple ones in 2016 to mufon. a week after i spotted one and took photos from the nasa iss feed which i observed a glowing red and white orb near the iss and took pictures for proof. i had these pictures on youtube and my youtube account was hacked and my channel was deleted? go figure. i laso had anothr video a friend sent me from oklahoma of a ufo hovering right over her in youtube - now all gone. but, i still have the photos hidden in many places if you wish me to make a report about that. what i saw, once again was a bonified ufo that was huge since it made the jet look so small and appeared to be right behind it and not further away or closer to me. that i could clearly see and tell and i have good vision for long distance. i tried to capture it , and i can still send the video of me yelling and at least you can see where i am driving and the blue sky. wow mufon!! what are the odds? there is profanity in the video which is why i do not wish to upload it unless you guys wish me to another time through email i suppose.

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Credit: MUFON

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