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Monday, December 10, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Wetaskiwin, Alberta on 2017-08-15 10:10:00 - Wetaskiwin,hobbema,ponoka,red deer,edmonton,leduc,hinton,millet,camrose

In dealing with the subject of aliens. in dealing with the rcmp,gang units,alert,interpol etc. also brought into this is rcmp who have been with the united nations. there are police all over the world who work with the united nations. now the "ellora caves" which stated built by alien technology, is also a recognized historical site with the united nations. that is also where spiritual leaders resided. there are professional police to deal with this subject. also i have been asked about mental health. i have a back ground around the rcmp, followed their mental health standard, they have high stress jobs. i have a back ground working with children. with children, with rcmp(police) interventions, they deal with the environmental variable of safety. you do not diagnosis children under a certain age. i told one rcmp officer that i cannot explain everything, i don't expect them to, or children. if they can prove something consistently true in the bounds of the law, respecting safety. i was a child once myself and grandma's house is what i wanted to see. that came about where i was questioned in regards to me being a missing persons, that went missing at a very young age as a child. that gets dealt with at the age it happens, not at the age they found someone. with that also is a missing persons act. as an adult, i also asked the rcmp and police to include children, their safety that i want time with. that includes i was a child once myself and grandma's house is what i wanted to see. anyone can look up a missing persons act on the internet. there have been comments i have heard about people being referred to as animals etc. that is very disturbing, that is a perpetrator issue. the rcmp and interpol are very aware of this also. safety concerns and issues around this are been taken very serious. anyone can look up the 8-10 stages of genocide.(abuse issues) any of these concerns the rcmp and police want reported for obvious safety concerns,(abuse issues also) this is being taken very serious.

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Credit: MUFON

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