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Monday, December 3, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Gulf Shores, Alabama on 1974-08-08 22:15:00 - Arrowhead shaped craft over bay (water) slowly moved s.E over perdido bay approx. 3 miles hovered there 4 min. observed port or lower drain vent craft appeared to be weathered then left so fast it just disappeared observed 6 or 8 more smaller crafts 20 mi

Me and several friends hanging out at park on wolf bay in bear point alabama (orange beach) very rural area in 1974 when a very huge silent craft appeared over bay just sitting not moving we watched it approx 5min or so when it began to move very slowly se towards perdido bay or 3 miles. between florida and alabama lowering itself approx 500' above the water we were less than a mile (after jumping in our cars and following it) we were a lot closer to it at this point i noticed a open port on the side facing us like a stained vent somewhat dirty from some sort of discharge the entire ship appeared to be weathered when all the sudden approximately 20 miles above it appeared 6or8 smaller crafts that were doing figure 8s and clover leafs after we saw the smaller crafts it was almost like the sky opened up and this very faint triple faze noise barely audible as this football field size ship disappeared in a fraction of a second i know there's alot of false clams out now a days but as the lord is my witness this is true i wish i had came forward with this along time ago i was about 20 then i'm 63 now and thank my highest power i finally let the world know about it may god be with you later......

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Credit: MUFON

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