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Thursday, December 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Winnipeg, Manitoba on 2018-12-05 23:18:00 - 2 unknown objects interact, flash on and off, one departs and descends

Report: december 5, 2018. observation began at approximately 11:00pm. i noticed looking out the backyard facing window of our home what appeared at first impression to be a bright star or planet. while observing the bright object i noticed it appeared to change luminance differently than the shimmer of normal star shine atmospheric effects and seemed to be wobbly moving in small increments and at times the light from it went out completely (could not be seen) then would come on again. intrigued i went outside to get a better look to ensure what i was seeing wasn’t the effect of a bright star or planet simply shimmering and being covered up by tree branches in the wind to make it appear as if it was moving and obscuring the light from time to time. i went outside and noticed it was still and quite quiet. i took a video of object 1 (obj1) (125 degrees se at an elevation of 12.9 degrees) on my phone and tried to keep very still - it did to me appear the object was moving around in small increments around the same area of sky and the light disappearing on its own rather than the result of branches. the light also appeared to change colour. i went back in the house. and observed it again from the window. my dog came downstairs and started to bark. i then witnessed a second light/object — obj2 which moved close to obj 1 and appear to interact. i ran outside and quickly shot the video showing the two lights/objects interacting (best viewed in slow motion where both objects light up, then go dark (disappear), then light up again changing position relative to one another in the night sky. obj2 momentarily moves up in altitude at an angle from obj1 they both move up slightly and then obj2 makes what appears to be a momentarily large jump in altitude from obj1. obj2 then reappears almost parallel to obj1 and then heads southward (174 degrees towards the south from my vantage) at a decreasing altitude disappearing momentarily as the light passed behind a hydro pole in our lane way and a tree in our neighbour’s yard, reappearing after passing behind these objects that temporarily obstructed view of obj2 as obj 2 lowered in altitude (9.1 degrees) and disappeared behind my neighbour’s garage roof. i should note that there is no airport in winnipeg or surrounding area in that direction and that my home is on an often used flight path but aircraft make sound (and with these objects there was no aircraft sounds despite the cold and silence of the night). and that that flightpath would be to winnipeg international airport and aircraft would go directly over our home (or close by) and at much lower altitudes and proximity. aircraft also have landing lights and navigation lights and neither had flashing anti-collision beacons. these objects emitted a single light and these changes in luminance and went out entirely at times.

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Credit: MUFON

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