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Monday, December 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Boston, Massachusetts on 2018-12-08 02:05:00 - Sos!!! rogue dcf agents the next day jillian ryan and renee ryan kidnapped my stepson!!!! help me!! please! also call 6174167815 my phone is cursed

Sos!!! please help sos!!! friday evening i was followed by agents and golfs all day. and i felt protected later on after i dropped my wife off and watertown her moms, so i went for a ride, i was going to go to walden pond, and somehow it up driving to need it, download 9. basically, i was being followed constantly but an suv that was behind me parked behind me and shut his lights off while i was still in austin, made me feel safe for some reason, but now i am in horrible danger. saturday, my stepson was given to julian ryan and renee ryan for his visit. they kidnapped him legally for 10 months prior to this have not stopped harassing us. i was also possessed by a reptilian on thursday, everything is in the video, please help me. saturday night i've slept all afternoon with my wife, i woke up so confused i couldn't remember what day it was or what time. the black helicopters i had saw that morning hit me with a painful sound blessed are not even a sound, a pressure blessed to my ears twice. there was so many agents around after i thought they were on my side at first and they were just messing with me. after i woke up, my wife and i were going christmas shopping, but before we even got dressed, i get a phone call saying it's dc s and that my step son has a black eye fidget 518th can filed against us even though we already dropped him off in the morning. or not dropped him off, but he was picked up. she didn't tell us about the black until her and her partner got there, and they played like they were nice, at least that's what i thought. until i was set up to be killed, when we got outside, the air was still nobody was there, except for one person creeping on ice, i had to run for my life, i called 901, and they told me to go to walk to the police station. everything is on my facebook on facebook live. i can not trust anyone, everybody is sending disinformation. facebook me all my posts are now public. mark wagner boston ma jamaica plain 02130 or 02114. i'm in too deep here, my best friend is brendan mess, who i have known since we were 10 months old. he was murdered by the boston bomber. on 9, 11, 2011. there's no way, so now i have been one other person to dash of, did that. but i am in way too deep, i will never find out who killed brandon. i want my steps on back, the road d, c, f f a j in the road, bp d officers were outside my apartment looking for my wife in my step daughter, it was the devil himself. on the phone, i was so scared. where is your wife? he said, where is your daughter, the commonwealth is taking your daughter when it was one o'clock in the morning sunday morning. i grabbed my wife from the hospital minutes after and we took off. they have to know where i am, but for some reason, they want to attack me because they know i will go live before they can attack. ps my wife may be reptilian. my step daughters sabrina, was supposed to be my daughter, but the dna tests said she wasn't, but i have a feeling she's still might be i'm not sure please help me. they are outside now, i'm waiting for daylight.

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Credit: MUFON

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