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Friday, December 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Albion, Illinois on 2018-12-13 22:45:00 - Dark rectangular object moving about 50 miles per hour about 200-300 feet above the ground and completely silent as if coasting.

I was sitting on the porch having a cigarette when what appeared to be a wisp of white smoke caught my eye. it was moving from west to east being somewhat blocked by the trees as it approached me. my porch faces the west and the smoke was moving toward me and to my right. then suddenly i realized two things almost at once: it was traveling much to fast for drifting smoke with the wind calm to 2 or 3 miles an hour, and, it appeared to be rectangular in shape. tonight was one of those illinois black as the ace of spades nights, overcast, no stars, with a light rain. i could barely make out the shape due to the dark night and the object emitted no light, but appeared to be reflecting some city light in some places along its structure. it momentarily appeared from behind the tree line in open sky, then only to go behind more trees from my viewing, but i could still follow it because most of the trees had lost their leaves by december here. what really creeped me out was the fact that it made no sound and seemed to be gliding or coasting along at about 50 miles an hour and about 200 to 300 feet above ground. i'm spitballing here but i would estimate its length about 30 to 50 feet long and about 15-20 high. i lost sight of it as it went around the corner of my apartment complex. i jumped up and ran to the corner of the apartment building but by the time i got there the object had disappeared. so was it a real ufo? my mind was speeding and my heart was beating just as fast......But yes! this was my first ufo sighting in all of my 71 years! but i'm a skeptic and the truth remains to be seen: could our goverment have finally cracked anti-gravity propulsion or was little blue or green men visiting us from afar? time will tell the tale and i only hope i'll still be around when it does.

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Credit: MUFON

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