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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Immingham, England on 2018-12-03 17:35:00 - Traingle-shaped light moving fast, shrouded in a mist-like substance, it moved fluidly despite being solid, flying straight but then suddenly disappearing (the night was clear with a few patches of higher cloud to the south east).

I was at my house about to make a meal when my dad called me outside, believing that the international space station was flying over. i remember thinking that actually it looked too odd to be the iss. as it got closer we soon realised that the object was within the atmosphere, flying in a straight line but at quite a good speed, and strangely surrounded by a mist like it was inside a semi-transparent orb. the cloud at the time was very thin; there were some patches further south east but the skies at the time and place of the sighting were clear, with stars clearly visible and no mist obscuring them. the object just had a solid white light, no flashing ones, and behaved as though it were fluid, even though it was a solid triangle. we watched as it flew due east and then it suddenly disappeared despite no cloud. it did not phase out as you would expect a satellite to after it had left the sun's light, but just instantly vanished. we stayed outside for a bit longer to try and spot it again but it had gone. we were both unbelieving of what we had seen- we are both into astronomy and i am into meteorology, and we are always looking at the sky and can identify all objects we see. it is very rare for us both to see something we simultaneously cannot explain. in the past 12 years of sky-watching i have only ever seen three things that i can't explain, this being one of them. the first was 2006 (a semi-transparent v-shape with no lights or sound except a slight whooshing sound, moving very fast and fluidly) and the second 2012 (a large, bright white light orb flying erratically and in random directions/angles, with no sound). on these occasions my dad was there too, though i had seen the semi-transparent v-shaped object several times before the 2006 sighting.

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Credit: MUFON

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