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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Reelsville, Indiana on 2018-12-07 10:45:00 - Pink orb with lights across surface seen only in photos taken when walking dogs and noticed sandhill cranes flying. gutted deer in area. seen again in pix on sunny days within 2 weeks, between 9 -11 am, usually pink/purple, once yellow, some with aura.

I was walking my dogs in the woods on friday morning, dec 7th, when i heard sandhill cranes flying over. i hurried to a field where i could see better and tried to photograph the cranes on my samsung s5 active phone. i did not notice anything unusual at the time. my dogs ran across the field and discovered a gutted deer, head intact. upon reviewing the photos i saw a pinkish/purple orb with 7 spots of light across it's form that was high above the sun that i was shooting into (facing north). within the same minute, i took another photo. in this one the orb had moved lower and to the right (east) of the sun and was surrounded by a large, bright aura that was banded: pale turqoise on the interior and red on the exterior. i had no idea what this was. the next morning (dec 8th, 9:50 am) i returned to the field and took sky pix. it was overcast but there is a light spot in the sky at approximately the same place as the orb the day before. i continued to photograph the sky throughout the week but didn't see anything in the pix. on dec 16th at 10:22 am with clear sky, there appears a yellow orb above and to the east of the sun, with about 6 tinier lights that are visible on dec 18th at 9:50 am with a clear sky, i took photos in approximately the same area. there was an interesting single cloud band. the first photo is not in focus, however the orb is slightly to the right (east) of the cloud band, is pale pinkish purple with 9 or 10 lights, the bottom 5 the brightest. it has an aura that has an elliptical shape and goes from a bright blue interior to red on the exterior edge. the orb isn't visible in the 2nd photo. in the 3rd photo taken a minute later (9:51), the orb is further east of the cloud (clouds are moving west), appears flattened on the left side, is slightly transparent (cloudlike texture), and still has an aura. there are 6 bright lights: 2 on the lower right side, 3 across the middle, and 1 in the upper left. in the 4th photo, the lights are brighter, but only 1 is visible now on the bottom, middle row of lights appear the same, but top light has moved closer to the left edge. after viewing the first photos with the orb, i didn't know what to think. i did some internet searches and couldn't find anything definitive. i considered that what i saw in the pix could be a samsung phone anomaly. however, i think the variety in the orbs' color, the difference in the lights including position, size and brightness, in addition to the varied resolution of the images make me think it is something tangible. i wish i could see the orbs with my own eyes.

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Credit: MUFON

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