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Saturday, December 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Lynbrook, New York on 1981-09-07 21:05:00 - Hovering above the school at night with four different colored lights on the bottom

My mom had told us that she observed a ufo hovering over queens blvd. when she was young. she was in the car with her father at the time. her brother had a book called 'look to the skys', so i always did. this incident happened quite a while ago, but at the time there was no one to report it to. anyway, i was in a high school teenager at the time. we never had cars and walked wherever we needed to go. i was walking home from a friends house along union avenue. it was about 9pm. the date is approximate. as i walked along at night i looked up, as i always did. everything was dark, but when i reached the lynbrook junior high school i noticed an object hoovering in the sky. it had four lights on the bottom of equal proportion,one blue, one red, one green, one yellow. then i looked at the junior high school and it was all lit up with cars coming and going. i thought they must be having a play or concert of some sort. just then i knew that this object was observing the school. i was watching it and it was watching the school. the lights on the bottom would turn different colors, the blue would turn green, the red would turn yellow, etc..I stood there for approx. 5-10min just watching this object hoover there. you know how they say that the thoughts with aliens are telepathic? well i got this overwhelming feeling that it spotted me and that it now knew that i was watching it. it (the object) knew it was being observed and didn't like it. as i got this feeling it went in a mostly upward direction and was gone. i remember like it was yesterday. there were no such thing as cell phones at the time so i could not take a photo of it, but sure would have loved to. i had another sighting a lot closer and more recent which i will also report to you. this one actually made the paper. thank you for the work that you do.

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Credit: MUFON

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