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Saturday, December 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Nuneaton , England on 2018-06-30 12:30:00 - Witnessed 3 possibly for objects in the sky whilst out walking in the country with my son. objects were bright lights, mushroom shaped object, metallic object and black triangular object. i took pictures of all objects

On saturday 30th june 2018. myself and my son went to hartshill hayes country park in nuneaton, warwickshire, england.It was a very hot, dry day with beautiful clear blue skies. an odd cloud could be seen.The park is an area of vast open countryside with a large acreage of woodland. after a few hours walking in the woods, myself and my son got to a small gap in the trees which looked onto an open area of a fields.After a few minutes of resting, i could see something glimmering in the sky. it looked like a bright light. i got my phone out to zoom in. the light looked square shaped, i sat watching it for a few seconds thinking how strange to see such a bright light in the sky. i then caught sight of a 2nd object, this was a strange shaped object it looked like a mushroom shape but upside down.I used my phone to zoom in. i'm unsure of the colour because the sun was shining on it so brightly but believe it was metalic because of the way the sunlight was catching it. i asked my son if he could see it. i showed him what i was seeing. we were both in shock what we were witnessing. as i zoomed out, another metallic object to the right of the mushroom shaped object caught my eye. i zoomed in to look closer and was shocked by what i saw. this object was a shiny,clearly metallic object hovering.It was still with no sound or movement. on the other end of the object was the same shape, it looked again like a wine glass shape but alot smaller. the object was a silver metal colour that glimmered in the sunlight. i am not sure if this object was the light i had previously seen or another object that was already in the sky because i could only see the mushroom shaped object along side it.They were at a standstill in the sky, no movement,no sound. after few minutes, an object appeared a black triangular object appeared in the sky, it moved slow at first. i hadn't noticed it before so i again quickly moved my phone across and zoomed in to take a closer look, i took pictures of the strange objects. i quickly moved my phone camera across the sky to look at the other objects, the light and the mushroom shape object had disappeared. i could see the metalic object for a few seconds but disappeared. i did not see the metalic object move it just vanished. myself and my son were totally shocked by what we had just witnessed. i also had a sighting few months earlier in my garden before the sighting with my son. it was a huge orange cigar shaped object, hovering no sound. i watched it for what seemed seconds. it took off at such a speed. after seeing this i was compelled to write something down. i don't know what it means but i took a photo please see attached photo. i have previously experienced things before from memories coming back to me when i was a young child, including strange occurrences that i cannot explain that have happened all my life. i feel i need to speak out.

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Credit: MUFON

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