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Saturday, December 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ashburn, Virginia on 2016-03-31 03:00:00 - Was in awe as the air went still and smelled of electricity. a strange cloud came out of nowhere and hovered right above me, a small round object peeked out then back in then shot across they sky, followed by a erratically moving bright red orb shaped

I suffer from insomnia. i was smoking a cigarette out back reading my kindle at about 3 am, i typically do this when i cant sleep. the air seemed to "stop" around me and everything felt, still. i smelled electric, like almost after a storm. out of nowhere a veryyy strange "cloud" which looked like it had beings walking on it, no joke, floated right above me, by right above i mean, extremely abnormally low for a "cloud". i heard static? but i couldn't really "hear it" i felt it. then a little round shaped thing peeked out of cloud opening, and quickly peeked back behind, then zoomed across the sky coming to a very abrupt stop about a mile away and literally, like, hovered. then the red orb popped out of this cloud, and seemed to be, playing with me? like i felt like i knew i knew. i then without moving my eyes from this event, got my camera and snapped 5 pics basically not even aiming the damn thing, so i thought i only got pics of darkness and "sky" until i looked closer 🤯 the red orb appears to have texture to it? it was moving erratically and at 90 deg angles no problem. i only recall this all ending with the other hovering orb across the sky start sort of bobbing? and seemed to be "calling" the red orb to it, and the red orb just kind of absorbed into it, after that it started spinning, looked disc like with diff colored lights. then it stopped, and shot straight up and disappeared. the "cloud" then started breaking up, like someone was tearing a cotton ball. and apiece of it actually, no fucking joke, fell into my back yard. that is when i snapped out of it, went inside, looked immediately at the clock and it was 547am. it felt like 5 min. my phone, that i took the pics on, after looking thru them and zooming in, i saw the shape, outline, movement, literally saw the life in these things. then, a week later, 2 men walked into my salon, i'm a hairdresser, i was out on lunch, my boss said they looked like fbi, one didnt say a word and just started straight ahead, the other asked for me. by my whole name. my real fathers last name to be exact, whom i never got the pleasure of meeting as he was killed by a drunk driver 2 days after my mother found out she was pregnant. point is, i have never gone by this last name, but this man asked for me by it. my boss told them i was not there, but would be back in 30 min. when i got back, she looked like she saw a ghost, told me that creepy suits were asking for me bu my dead fathers name, and then my phone rings. i heard the same static "noise" and all this "person" said was "done" and hung up. my phones internal memory, fried itself 2 hours later. kinda self destructed as i held it. pics, gone, weird 0000000000 phone number, gone. memory of this stuff, still very much there. i now suffer sleep paralysis, floating in my sleep, waking up in my yard, without alcohol involved 🙄, and weird calls, texts, stares, black cars.....But for some reason, i am not afraid at all. it almost is eerily calming. sorry for rambling. thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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